Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Melbourne-based company Tenancy Matters has launched a new form of business tenant representation for the Australian property market.

The service is designed to save Australian business owners time and money by ensuring they pay proper attention to their tenancy matters on an ongoing basis. Until now, specialised tenancy representation has only been available for tenants at the start or end of a lease term.

"While occupation costs are one of a business’s largest ongoing expenses, few businesses give their property matters any thought until they are forced into action," says Tenancy Matters co-founder Michael Cumming.

"Often, the result is wasted time and considerable additional cost."

Cumming founded Tenancy Matters with fellow commercial property specialist Anthony Chadwick to address a need in the market.

“The difference with Tenancy Matters is that companies are able to centralise and handle all their property matters on one secure site and access specific property advice when they require it,” said Cumming. “This saves considerable time for their staff and avoids the costly mistakes that many people make because they lack market or property knowledge.”

Tenancy Matters has designed an online property management system that allows tenants to keep up-to-date with their ongoing maintenance requirements, critical dates and relevant market information, allowing them to make informed decisions and take action when opportunities arise.

Each director has spent 16 years and 20 years respectively working for some of the largest commercial property agencies, landlords and tenants in Australia. Both directors have been involved in leasing tenancies ranging from 500 square metres to 20,000 square metres and have managed some of the largest commercial buildings in the country.


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Tenancy Matters

Tenancy Matters is a dedicated advisory service for tenants of commercial, retail and industrial real estate.

Tenancy Matters provides tenants with ongoing access to property expertise and resources, saving them time, minimising risk, and providing the right strategy on everything from lease negotiation, assistance in fitting out new premises and ongoing strategic advice.
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