Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
Dun & Bradstreet's Business Expectations Survey for the December quarter revealing more than 50 percent of the firms surveyed expect demand and sales to slow over the next 12 months as a result of the knock on effects of the global economic uncertainty.

One company reversing these trends is B Fragrances, with Belinda Cook, perfume designer and owner, recently signing an agreement for American wide distribution of a large private label collection for award winning company Scandle Candles.

"Crowd funding through Project PowerUp, was chosen to finance this latest order from Scandle Candle, for it’s unique ability to offer experiences people will not find anywhere else, as well as using existing stock to raise capital quickly."

"Project PowerUp uses a system of pledges and rewards, with a multiple of different valued rewards and pledges which will cater to contributors needs and budgets, while still allowing us to concentrate on our core business."

“Our rate of growth has been quite astonishing. I was not anticipating the need for capital raising for growth until 2 years down the track, so we’ve turned to the crowdfunding site “Project PowerUp as an avenue for funding this new order”

Established by Ryan Wardell, "Project PowerUp", funded it’s own launch using its own platform of crowdfunding, so I’m feeling confident we’ll reach our targets"

There is a range of rewards for people wishing to contribute starting from $15 so please visit http://projectpowerup.com/projects/32 to pledge your support.


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B Fragrances Pty Ltd

B Fragrances creates an innovative range of perfume gels which is set to revolutionize the fragrance industry. Our perfume gels are unique in that they have a natural plant extract base, no harmful parabens, sulfates, or harsh alcohols, making the perfume gels non flammable, gentle on the skin, and perfectly portable.
Belinda Cook
P: 0405 383 539
W: www.bfragrances.com.au/


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