Monday, November 28th, 2011
The deployment of innovative, large-scale solar energy projects is proceeding at pace in Europe and the United States, backed by companies such as Abengoa from Spain.

Abengoa Solar’s Chief Operating Officer, Scott Frier, will be attending the Solar 2011 Conference in Sydney from 29 November to 2 December to provide an international perspective on our solar energy future.

For companies such as Abengoa, the development and construction of large scale solar energy projects is a reality, on a scale not yet experienced here in Australia.

Abengoa has recently ramped up construction of its 280-megawatt concentrating solar power (CSP) Mojave Solar Project in California. The Mojave project is expected to come online in 2014 and generate enough electricity to power about 54,000 average households.

The project is expected to create more than 1,000 jobs and more than 80 per cent of the equipment, supplies and services required to build the project will be of US origin, underscoring the industry development and job creation potential of renewable energy technology.

Abengoa is currently building 1,010 megawatts of solar plants all over the world and, with an additional 393 megawatt already operating, and is the only company in the world building and operating both trough and power tower CSP plants. The Mojave Solar Project plant will be Abengoa’s 16th CSP plant.

Abengoa Solar opened its first office in Australia last year.

CEO of the Australian Solar Energy Society (AuSES), John Grimes, said the investment in solar energy being made by companies such as Abengoa in utility-scale projects demonstrated the real potential of solar energy.

“The international experience of companies such as Abengoa offers a great insight into the potential for the future development of solar energy in Australia, including the creation of thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy sector.”


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