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The Little Company of Mary Health Care (LCMHC) group is in the final stages of rolling out iSOFT MedChart, an electronic medication management system, at the first of the group’s hospitals and hospices.

Sydney, NSW - Calvary Health Care Bethlehem is in the final stage of a progressive rollout of MedChart, an electronic prescribing, medication management and administration system from iSOFT, a CSC company. In addition to improving medication safety, the rollout marks a major milestone on the journey toward an electronic medical record (EMR) for the hospice.

A leader in palliative and neurological care services, Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, part of the Little Company of Mary Health Care (LCMHC) group known as Calvary, is a 70-bed hospice located in South Caulfield, Victoria.

Describing Calvary’s new electronic medication management implementation as leading the hospital into the 21st century, Mark Heenan, a senior nurse at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem, says “this is a new era in patient safety and staff development.”

“While some staff were initially sceptical or resistant, most have been won over by the simplicity of the system and the safety mechanisms introduced. Using the old paper based system you could get away with a lot of undetectable errors. MedChart has done away with most of those. People are more accountable and there is a clear audit trail if needed.”

Calvary Health Care Bethlehem is the first LCMHC facility to transform from a paper-based process, to a full electronic medication management system. The upgrade is part of a program to enhance medication safety in LCMHC hospitals and hospices around Australia.

Behind Calvary Bethlehem’s successful MedChart implementation is a unique approach. Careful not to treat it as an ICT project, Tamara Prostran LCMHC National PAS & Clinical Systems Manager and the Calvary Bethlehem project team kept clinical staff at the centre of the rollout. Clinical leadership was provided by Bethlehem’s chief pharmacist, Kayee Chen, and clinical project manager, nurse, Cyril Dixon. Taking joint ownership of the project, the pair ensured that clinical considerations were prioritised and that change management supported clinical workflows.

“We understood that the project would fail without frequent input and guidance from clinicians,” said Prostran. “Our task was not to design and deliver a working system, but rather to solicit and incorporate clinical user feedback until we had collaboratively created a system that made clinical care easier, faster and better.”

“Rolling out progressively, one ward at a time, instead of with a big-bang approach, has helped us to spend time with users understanding their needs, issues and on training.”

The iSOFT MedChart electronic prescribing, medication management and administration (ePMA) system went live at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem ahead of schedule in July 2011.

“We’ve completed each stage on or before schedule. The response from clinicians has been wonderful. Their continued leadership and involvement are critical factors in the success of this complicated project,” added Prostran.

“Clinical system implementations involve a great deal of change management. Calvary Bethlehem’s staged rollout approach is a shining example of how to meet the change management challenge. Our MedChart implementation team has greatly enjoyed working with Calvary on this well designed and managed project,” said James Rice, iSOFT APAC Managing Director.

With the MedChart electronic medication management implementation strategy proven at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem and the foundation for an EMR place, LCMHC’s focus is now on repeating the process at other hospitals and hospices in the group.

LCMHC expects to complete the MedChart rollout at Calvary Health Care Bethlehem by the end of 2011. A review of clinical and business process outcomes from the implementation will follow. The findings will be used to plan and guide the progressive MedChart rollout across LCMHC sites. Candidates for the next MedChart implementations at LCMHC in early 2012 include Calvary Bruce or John James Hospitals in the ACT, where MedChart was developed.

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