Friday, November 25th, 2011
Building a new home is often the biggest investment a person or family will ever make, and choosing a design, then gathering quotes from home builders has, in the past, according to Better Building Prices director, Peter Downes, been painful, time consuming and very costly. In Australia, a new trend to enlisting the help of building price negotiators is simplifying the entire home building process, and delivering competition-based cost savings.

In explaining how building price negotiators operate, Mr Downes revealed some BBP strategies:

“We know top quality home builders in every state who are available to take on specific projects at any given time, and they are the ones who will usually deliver the most competitive pricing” explained Mr Downes. “We can forward our clients’ plans to any number of builders, and come back to you with their detailed quotes.”

Sourcing the builders, meeting with them, checking their credentials and clarifying prices can add months to a building project. Now, working through a building price negotiator, the process is streamlined and provides access to a quality network of building professionals.

“As an experienced building price negotiator, BBP has saved a client $108,000 on a new home build price - this was the saving on the best price the client had previously obtained from a builder on their own. On another two-storey home, we saved our client $65,000 on the price they were about to sign off on” said Mr Downes.

He continued “Every thousand dollars that we save our clients is a thousand dollars less on their mortgage, or a thousand dollars more that they have available to invest on landscaping, furniture or decorating.”

Australian states have very strict licensing laws for building contractors, so it goes without saying that all of the home builders that Better Building Prices contacts meet all licensing and insurance requirements. These building professionals do not outlay marketing or advertising costs to be part of the BBP process, so consumers receive genuine ‘builder direct’ prices.

Builders who receive contracts on which to bid know that they are bidding against their competitors, and, as a result submit their best possible price. However, in the case of BBP, the company does negotiate hard on behalf of their clients using their volume buying power to reduce the builders bid should they not be competitive.

“This is an innovative approach to receiving the best possible prices for new home builds” said Mr Downes. “The testimonials on our website demonstrate the actual savings we have delivered to our clients.”

Challenging economic times are often the impetus for innovation, and with the introduction to the market of building price negotiators the benefits flow to consumers (with lower home build prices), and building contractors (by sending them more work when they need it).

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Better Building Prices

Better Building Prices obtains lower building prices for consumers wishing to build new homes. They do this by:

  • Obtaining volume discounts
  • Creating competition among builders who want to win a contract
  • Bypass building companies’ sales staff
  • Operating in an online environment with low overheads

Builders do NOT have to outlay any advertising or marketing costs to obtain contracts from BBP, resulting in their prices for these jobs being lower- so consumers obtain major savings with a builder direct price.

The company has many years of professional building expertise and an intimate knowledge of the building industry, including the full home design, specification, contract, and construction process.

BBP provides a comprehensive range of services, free of charge assisting with home designs and drawing the plans and assisting with selection of home hardware items, to the finishes and detailed specifications.

An Australia-wide building price negotiation service, BBP draws on the combined knowledge of experts - some of whom have worked in the building industry for over 25 years. It operates independently of any individual building company, 7 days a week, all year round.
Peter Downes
P: 1800833956


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