Thursday, November 24th, 2011
Augmented Reality (AR) and application specialist Explore Engage has donated its services to create a fun and engaging 3D game application compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, for One Dollar Day (1$Day) in support of their appeal to all Australians to give just $1 to help reduce inequities in children’s health and education around the world.

The One Dollar Day game is available on the App Store and the official 1$Day website as a free download, and features an innovative e-commerce link to PayPal, which allows users to donate direct from the app.

With its engaging Australian and Loatian cultural themes, the object of the game is to get your $1 coin from Australia to Laos, while dodging iconic obstacles along the way, including kangaroos, barbeques, elephants and temples.

There are three game levels with progressive degrees of difficulty, speed and distinctively rich graphics and clever animation relevant to the stage of the journey your dollar is on.

With the bonus of Facebook integration, users can share their app experience with friends and invite them to play - challenging them to better their time as they race their dollar to Laos.

Luke Crane, CEO of Explore Engage, said: “We are pleased to be associated with One Dollar Day and to deliver this entertaining yet meaningful application, which has so far proved to be very engaging with over 40 percent of users interacting with the application for at least two minutes or more.”

The money raised this year will be allocated to Save The Children, which is working to build health clinics in Laos, increasing a child’s likelihood of surviving their first year by 75 percent above the national average.

"The One Dollar Day game is an innovative and fun use of mobile and gaming technology to effectively show the important journey of everyone’s donation, and to efficiently collect the micro donations through PayPal,” said Sophie Bartho, CEO and co-founder, 1$Day Limited.

“It’s amazing how much fun you can have, and yet how simple donating can be. We wanted to revolutionise fundraising – by simply asking everyone to give $1, while showing them where their money was going, and the effect it will have.”

Bartho also said" “Mobile has been an integral channel to our campaign and we are excited to interact with a new generation of givers. Our thanks to the hard work, long hours, amazing creativity and technical excellence, as well as speed to deliver in a short time provided by the Explore Engage team who contributed to this innovative fundraising mechanism – a creative collective!”

For more information on 1$day or to play the app, visit or download the app at:

Play, donate, share, celebrate – collectively we can reduce the global inequities in children’s health and education, and build a village health clinic in Laos.


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