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ASHMORE, AUSTRALIA - November 22, 2011
Today the US Patent Office granted Opaltone Australasia Pat. 8,064,112 for their revolutionary 6-color
inkjet system. “This is a truly exciting moment for our company,” said Steve Holman, Managing Director,
Opaltone Australasia. “We can now accelerate the release of our patented 6-color system on most
commercial inkjet printers,” added Holman.
Opaltone is a multicolor system that expands the color gamut beyond conventional CMYK. It can
accurately match 100% of the most popular spot color libraries. Unlike other expensive 8 & 10
color inkjet systems, Opaltone’s VK® system only requires 6 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow,
Red, Green & Blue. Black ink is eliminated (Black is digitally mixed from the R’G’B’ inks) making
VK the world’s first ‘carbon free’ inkjet system.
“Consumers are disgruntled at being forced to buy extra inks they don’t need. For example, we can
now run an Epson 4900 desktop printer with only 6 inks (not 10) achieving a superior color range
at a fraction of the cost.” Opaltone’s contract proofing quality exceeds the demands of the packaging
industry by delivering a cost-effective solution in matching proof to print. “It’s a win-win!” concluded
For more information on the Opaltone VK® proofing system please contact:
Steve Holman
Opaltone Australasia
Ph: +614 13743334
[email protected]
About Opaltone
Opaltone® is a patented imaging technology that digitally mixes CMY+R’G’B’ process inks. Black (K) ink
is optional. The design & cost benefits are obvious. More colors from less ink. The same inks are always
used (just like your color copier). The environmental benefits are also obvious. There is no waste.
Opaltone printers are already helping to reduce the millions of spot color inks stockpiled across our
planet. You can do the same. An expanded gamut and a greener planet, welcome to the future of print.
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Opaltone is a premium color printing system adaptable to all printing disciplines, including photography and art reproduction. Providing cost effective solutions to accurate color proofing and printing of spot colors and expanded color printing with vastly improved image quality.
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