Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

In the Chair, music practice software, releases an upgrade for its current software.
Adelaide, South Australia - In the Chair has released an upgrade for its current music practice software. The upgrade includes a new interface and as further advancements in music recognition as well as other minor patches.
The new interface, developed in response to suggestions from its current users, increases the user friendliness of In the Chair. It features the latest additions to the music library, the most popular titles, latest news and the user's subscription details.
A routine upgrade has been made in the continuous effort to improve the music recognition engine. The music recognition engine, known as the Music Matrix(TM), `listens' to monophonic instruments, judges and provides immediate feedback on pitch, timing, tone and dynamics. The updates to the engine include improved recognition of swing and a tightening of the allowable pitch errors which will encourage users to further improve their instrumental skills.
Current subscribers will be asked if they want to download the upgrades when they start the program. New subscribers will automatically download the latest version. Suggestions, questions and technical problems can be emailed to [email protected]

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