Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
Diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve 2009 not only led Jillian Exton on a journey to find answers to her illness, but also resulted in a web resource to help others.

Breast Cancer Lessons Learned (www.breastcancerll.com) is the product of Jillian’s journey from diagnosis through to remission, and has opened up a whole new world of information to help people through their own cancer journey.

Jillian says once diagnosed, most people do not have the time or the energy to spend on research, especially for treatments or products that can help fight cancer, and support to manage cancer treatment side effects and minimise the risk of re-occurrence.

“I have always been fit and healthy so my diagnosis was a real surprise, however I knew that I had to face this challenge with a glass half full attitude,” Jillian says.

“Having worked in the corporate world for a few decades, every project is reviewed and usually a ‘lessons learned’ document would follow the review, so the same errors are not repeated and opportunities for improvement are found.

“I decided why not do the same after breast cancer treatment? Why should those who follow what I’ve been through repeat the same errors? Why shouldn’t they benefit from mine and others experiences and lessons learned?”

Hence the birth of the Breast Cancer Lessons Learned website, a storehouse of information including links to other websites, recommended books and products, videos and stories from others who have undertaken the journey.

The site is structured by phases in a cancer patient’s journey, is not bias to any form of treatment and provides an opportunity for breast cancer graduates to share their lessons learned.

Jillian says nearly every person she’s spoken to along her course of treatment has fantastic tips and tricks, but most times you’d hear great advice after you’d suffered.

“I’ve discovered a wealth of information and a range of products that have not only helped me, but many others in the same situation,” Jillian says.

“I’ve also found a lot of the time women had forgotten, or maybe they choose to forget what they did, so are unable to give any advice.

“My website is a great medium to share what worked or didn’t work for them to benefit others.

“For example through my own research I’ve come across the benefits of certain super foods such as broccoli sprout powder and others which I believe is helping me manage my estrogen to reduce the risk of recurrence.

“However the site is not just about me - we need all those wonderful people out there with amazing experiences on how they coped with their challenge on all levels - mentally, physically and spiritually to share their knowledge.”

Breast Cancer Lessons Learned is calling for anyone who has suffered from breast cancer to share their experiences so they can be passed on to those following in the same footsteps.

“I know there are many women out there who have faced this challenge with a positive attitude,” Jillian says.

“They have found the good in every situation, accepted the ups and downs and done it with grace.

“So if you know anyone that fits the bill, please ask them to jump online and share their wisdom with us.

“I’m also happy to present the material on their behalf if they are not comfortable telling their story directly.”

For more information visit www.breastcancerll.com

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