Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
With yet another drop in the unemployment level recorded for October, Australia is currently one of the best performing labor markets in the developed world. But without the right tools, neither companies looking for talent nor their potential employees can take advantage of that fact. Companies like BND Recruitment Solutions provide both the ease of an online connection between employers and job seekers, and the personal attention needed to make the hiring process run smoothly for both. It's one of the best options if you are looking for a recruitment agency in Sydney.

Whether you're an employer screening hundreds of resumes and holding multiple interviews to find the right candidate, or someone applying to dozens of jobs in hopes of getting the right fit for your qualifications, the hiring process can be an enormous drain on time, money, manpower and other resources. But some recruitment agencies, like BND Recruitment Solutions, are providing tools to simplify the process for employers and employees alike, with easy-to-use websites and a strong social media presence whether you are located in Sydney or Melbourne.

While the Internet is awash in job search sites where employers can post opportunities and job seekers can apply for them, such sites lack the personal attention and screening capabilities that a recruitment agency can offer. A company might post a job only to receive hundreds of resumes that don't match the skills required for the position, requiring hours of work to sift through the chaff in hopes of finding a desirable candidate. Likewise, job seekers often find that their applications have disappeared into a proverbial “black hole,” getting no feedback or response. In these cases, using a recruitment agency can lead to faster results and far less frustration for both parties.

For BND Recruitment Solutions, which specializes in call centre, administrative and industrial recruiting across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, an effective website (http://www.bndrecruitment.com.au) is just the beginning. Job seekers can use the website database to search for vacancies, and follow BND on Twitter or Facebook to see job opportunities as they are posted. They can also register on the website to set up job alerts matching their skills. Employers can use the website to submit a short questionnaire about their staffing needs, and find answers to frequently asked questions.

But what really sets BND Recruitment Solutions apart from a simple job search website is the personal attention that employers and job seekers receive. BND screens candidates on several levels, including both telephone and in-person interviews, and skills testing pertaining to their desired position. Job candidates will meet with personal consultant to discuss their skills, preferences and personality, so that they can be matched with the right job.

Employers and job seekers who want to experience a less frustrating hiring process should see what recruitment agencies like BND Recruitment Solutions have to offer.

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