Monday, November 21st, 2011

Australia’s leading Internet venture fund, Future Capital Development Fund (FCDF), today announced it has invested in another Internet company, (“Agenda”) – a hybrid media / commerce business which successfully offers customers engaging daily recommendations alongside exclusive member only sales.

Recommendations and exclusive sales cover the very best on offer across restaurants, nightlife, shopping, style and things to do. currently offers private sales and hand picked member recommendations across 3 major capital cities in Australia (Melbourne, Sydney and Perth) with plans for further expansion and evolution following Future Capital’s investment.

Domenic Carosa, Executive Chairman of FCDF stated: “We like Agenda as it combines high quality reviews, loyal and engaged members and compelling offers that really represent phenomenal value without sacrificing supplier margins. We see this as the next and logical evolution in group buying through coveted lifestyle offers to customers - it’s a win win for members, suppliers and for Agenda.”

Blake Hutchison, founder and CEO of Agenda stated: “We are delighted to have received Future Capital’s investment, it’s an endorsement of the model’s potential. We will now focus on expanding Agenda in terms of content, experiences and services aimed at deepening our relationship with members and suppliers. Ultimately, we’re about top places, top product and top experiences; we believe we have a model which offers great value to members and a superior opportunity for business owners & managers.”

Andrew Fiori-Dea, CEO of FCDF stated “the convergence of content and commerce represents a significant opportunity. Agenda has done a great job building a trusted relationship with members and we (FCDF) intend to assist and accelerate this through collaboration, ongoing innovation and diversification.”

Agenda now joins 13 other fast growing internet companies as part of the Future Capital portfolio and will be headquartered in the Melbourne offices which over the last 12 months has become a hotbed for innovative internet companies in Melbourne.


For further information contact:

Domenic Carosa - Chairman of Future Capital - 0411 19 69 79 or email [email protected]

Andrew Fiori-Dea – CEO of Future Capital – 0433 225 026 or email [email protected]

Blake Hutchison – CEO of – 0413 757 249 or email
[email protected]

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Future Capital now offers incubator services for start-ups in our Melbourne and Sydney offices. BlueChilli Technology joins,,,,, SMS Central, and,, &

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BlueChilli is a "venture technology" company that builds and invests in digital start-ups by providing technology and mentorship. BlueChilli is currently launching a new online business every 2 months and has projections to increase this to 1 new start-up every month in 2012. BlueChilli operates a unique model combining a fee and equity for service model for clients, specialising in online-based start-ups providing the smarts required to build and commercialise online opportunities.

Domenic Carosa - Chairman of Future Capital
P: 0411 19 69 79


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