Sunday, November 20th, 2011
Horatio is a software-based program that facilitates employee engagement through its key enabler: communication. Research has long since shown that certain communication will have a greater impact on employee engagement than others. Communication that specifies the employer’s expectations of the employee, and coaching that focuses on the individual’s ability to contribute to required outcomes, are critical to enhanced employee engagement.

Horatio connects the parties that are part of, and who contribute to these conversations, directly with employees so that they are always part of communication that promote their good performance. Rather than just waiting for their scheduled performance reviews, then trying to relate the formalised and stylised descriptions of performance that many appraisals feature to their daily work, Horatio facilitates regular and targeted information from their manager – and others with a stake in their performance – which employees can use to self-evaluate and self-correct as they work. Because of the specific and collaborative nature of these interactions, employees are more likely to feel their work is meaningful, appreciated and valuable to the organisation.

Horatio’s unique benefit is not only that it promotes productive interactions, but it actually sets up a culture of success. Employees, having the information to make many small improvements as needed, are more likely to perform well; their sense of their success breeds better effort and makes them more resilient if problems arise. Managers, experiencing the benefits of providing continuous feedback while work is in progress, become better at management communication.

Not only performance focused, Horatio covers all aspects of employment helping employers to complete human resources administration and maintain employment compliance. Available features include on-boarding systems, automatic monitoring of necessary certificates and licence expiry dates and learning management systems. Alerts provide reminders of activities that fall due. Using Horatio is as simple as using email; once users are set up in the system, they can be included in any communication.

“There are so many demands made of employers; we are always excited when our work with them allows us to help achieve better outcomes for managers, employees and the bottom line,” Meta Management’s Managing Director, Isabel Wu, said on the launch of Horatio. “Horatio will – at a fraction of the cost of a typical change program – provide more employers a simple solution to, and all the benefits of, high employee engagement.”

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Meta Management Solutions is a management consulting company specialising in building organisational capability through a high performing workforce.

The company is based in Melbourne, Australia focusing on the challenges of building organisational capabilities in a shifting competitive landscape. In understanding that organisational success is no longer just about the mechanics of margins and scale achieved using quantified measures, our expertise is in developing individuals and the workforce to achieve results.
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