Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

FOLLOWING its WA premiere at PICA in July, Reality Matters heads for KADS Theatre in Kalamunda, Western Australia, this August and September, as part of its annual one-act play season.

And in something of a twist, audiences have a chance to see two different actors play one of the lead roles, depending on what night they go.

On August 28 and 29, Cary Hudson (recently seen in A Streetcar Named Desire) is playing the mysterious stranger with award-winning actor Phil Barnett taking on the part on September 4 and 5.

Written by Chris Thomas (who also plays the MC in the show), Reality Matters is a slightly surreal piece of theatre as a stranger constantly interrupts the MC’s show.

“The stranger forces the MC to question his own perception of reality and tries to strip away his many masks, forcing him to think outside the square for a moment,” Thomas said.

“My original aim was to come up with a script that could be performed anywhere without a set, simply requiring two actors on stage.

“I decided to leave the piece open-ended as to whether the events occur for real or in the main character’s mind.

“Due to their availability, we have different actors playing the stranger on different nights and I like to think of their performances as Canadian Club whisky – similar yet different.”

Joining Reality Matters for the season are Hypnome by Stephan Jean De Jonghe and Mona by Carl Aspden Pomfret, making all three plays by WA writers, along with a series of short monologues from KADS Theatre acting students.

“To have something actually grow into a staged performance and take on a life of its own is always a bonus and this is an opportunity for audiences to see a variety of work from West Australian writers,” Thomas said.

“At PICA we had to do an abridged version of Reality Matters to fit within their time limits but this is a much fuller, well-rounded version that explores all the high and lows.”

Thomas is no stranger to creative writing – last year saw the debut of his plays SMS Mess, The Bonza Land of Oz and Who’s Your Daddy? – and his 16-year background in theatre includes performances in The Sum of Us, The Return, Dracula, Frankenstein, Red Dwarf, Popcorn and Picasso At The Lapin Agile.

Reality Matters, Hypnome and Mona play from 8pm, August 28, 29, September 4 and 5. Tickets are $15 – book through Nightingales on (08) 9293 2621.

KADS Theatre is located in the Town Square, Barber Street, Kalamunda, Western Australia, opposite the post office.

* For more information about Reality Matters, contact:
Chris Thomas on 0430 374 250 or email [email protected]
Phil Barnett on 0433 695 538.
Cary Hudson on 0449 946 336

* For more information about the other productions and KADS Theatre enquiries, contact Charli Campbell on 0403 005 423.

reality-cary-chris1-2.jpeg: Cary Hudson and Chris Thomas in Reality Matters at KADS Theatre this August and September. (Picture: Dannielle Ashton)

reality-phil-chris1-2.jpeg: Chris Thomas and Phil Barnett in Reality Matters at KADS Theatre this August and September. (Picture: Nardia Bordas)

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KADS Theatre

KADS Theatre is the premier community theatre group in Kalamunda, Western Australia.

Its first production was in 1972 and the theatre has been entertaining Hills residents every year since. The Town Square Theatre is located in the centre of Kalamunda, between the Coles shopping centre and the post office.
Chris Thomas
P: 0430 374 250

Charli Campbell

P: 0403 005 423


Two different actors playing the same role in West Australian stage performance


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