Friday, November 18th, 2011
The Russell Asia Pacific Defensive Index posted a (-4.9%) return year-to-date, outperforming the Russell Asia Pacific Dynamic Index which reflected a (-17%) return, through November 15, 2011. The Russell Asia Pacific Index posted a loss of (-12%) for the same time period.

The Russell Defensive & Dynamic Indexes split the broad global equity market in half based on a combination of stability factors; the more stable half is called "Defensive" and the less stable half is called "Dynamic." The new Russell Global Defensive and Dynamic Indexes follow the same global-relative composition as the Russell Global Indexes. Stocks are ranked by sector and style across regions, rather than country-by-country, to better reflect how investors now approach the global markets.


                                                YTD Returns         

Russell Indexes                         (through November 15, 2011) 


Russell Asia Pacific Dynamic Index                -17.0%            


Russell Asia Pacific Defensive Index               -4.9%            


Russell Asia Pacific Index                        -12.0%            


The Russell Global Index includes more than 10,000 securities in 48 countries and covers 98% of the investable global market. All securities in the benchmark are classified according to size, region, country and sector. Daily Returns for the main components are available here:


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Russell Asia Pacific Defensive Index Reflected (-4.9%) Loss YTD Dynamic (-17.0%) November 15



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