Friday, November 18th, 2011
Australian company, Eastmon Online, has gone global with their in-demand Facebook application, WinkiwooTM, this month. Entering the UK market, WinkiwooTM is taking Facebook to print like never before.

WinkiwooTM is an application that has changed photo-printing trends forever, by allowing social media users to print their Facebook photos and status updates easily into a quality printed book. Imagine holding your Facebook page in your hands!

“We have brought photo printing to an online generation that uses social media for so much of their photo sharing and we are doing it at a price everyone can afford.” said Brendon Watson, General Manager, WinkiwooTM.

To celebrate this international launch we are giving you, the media, a chance to experience Winkiwoo for free and be amongst the first to review this new technology. Click here to email us and receive your free trial coupons (valued up to $20 each).

With more than 90 billion photos on Facebook, and a further 2.5 billion being uploaded every month, 89 million uploaded per day, 3.7 million per hour and 62,000 per minute so the opportunity is immense and it is a global opportunity.

Since its launch, WinkiwooTM has received more 110,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page, well exceeding the expectations of its creators, Eastmon Online.

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The Eastmon Group

Eastmon OnlineTM is the parent company behind WinkiwooTM. The Eastmon Group pioneered the world’s first photo minilab in Australia. The Eastmon Group also pioneered software networks and solutions to bring cutting edge on demand personalised products in the online retail environment. Winkiwoo is the next evolution of the company’s market leading strategies with social media.
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