Friday, November 18th, 2011
QuantumLinx's head of consulting, Ash Aryal was only one of six entrepreneurs and businesses invited to be part of the BRW 30th edition photo-shoot.

Taking notice of the impact they are having on the Australian business community, the Business Review Weekly (BRW) invited Mr. Aryal to talk about the story behind the company that is helping companies dominate their market in the search engines.

Traditionally, many search agencies focus on either a specific market or a specific business size, allowing them to specialise. On the other hand, QuantumLinx have developed a system that can be used cross laterally across many markets without losing its effectiveness.

"Traditionally, many of the smaller and medium organisations have been excluded from being able to afford top quality search engine optimisation (SEO)" commented Aryal. "In fact, we started out on that boat so I and my other partners, Anish Aryal, and Diane Villavieja really set out to create the most affordable, results driven system in Australia if not the world. Our mission is, and continues to be to deliver the best value search engine optimisation (SEO) system in Australia if not the planet… and so far we are achieving that" continued Aryal.

Today, QuantumLinx serves every type of company, from multibillion dollar companies like Crown Equipment, to worldwide charities like Save the Children to one man home businesses.

When asked which end of the spectrum Mr. Aryal and his team like operating, he replied, "both ends are highly rewarding. One on hand, when working with the larger companies we can easily create another 5-10M worth of value every year but this may only represent a 5%- 10% increase in turnover for that division. On the other hand, working on the small spectrum, we may only create another 500k worth of business every year for our smaller clients, but this could mean that their business and profits have more than doubled. They both have their rewards, and we know the impact we can potentially have in the lives of business owners and executives so we never take our job lightly and we absolutely love what we do."

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QuantumLinx’s unique search engine marketing (SEM), and search engine optimisation (SEO) systems continue to deliver tens of millions of dollars in extra yearly business to its clients. It does this through top, profit driven listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. All of QuantumLinx's marketing solutions are created in line with its mission to "Increase the long term wealth of businesses owners through providing the best value search marketing solutions in the world". Founded in early 2008, QuantumLinx develops long term relationsihps with clients to profit with, not pofit from. QuantumLinx services businesses in every major English speaking country including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and some minority Asian nations like Thailand. More information may be found on QuantumLinx’s website or by contacting them directly on 1300 891 181.
Ash Aryal
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