Friday, November 18th, 2011

AEC Systems heard of the opportunity to assist the Arranounbai School for Children with Special Needs from Michael Lister, a local Real Estate Agent, and close friend of AEC Systems, who partakes in auction work for charities. Among the list of things that the children needed to assist them with their learning, were 10 iPads. These iPads would help children who cannot use a normal keypad due to their disability. We jumped on the chance of donating the iPads, and as an Authorised Apple Reseller, thought we could speak to businesses to see what they could donate. Adrian Robinson from Express Online agreed to donating 10 iPad covers to go with the new iPads that AEC Systems donated.

Overall the fundraiser very successful, we were glad to hear Michael say: “The night was a raging success…all up, including the donations of iPads, Xboxes, sheds, work details and cash raised on the night, the school got a benefit to the total of $75,000.00 (they were hoping to raise $15,000)!”

AEC Systems would like to thank Michael Lister from One Agency for his initiative in organising this charity auction and donation. We would also like to thank our partner Express Online for donating the iPad covers.

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