Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’d like to see you take up singing”, said the doctor to the patient suffering from Parkinson’s disease, as he signed off the prescription saying just that.

I encourage you to take the time to be kind to others, and by writing a gratitude list each morning”, said the doctor to the patient suffering from a condition of irritation, as she signed off the prescription saying just that.

I’d like to see you letting your friends and family love you”, said the doctor to the patient suffering…

Okay, I think you get my drift from these little analogies. I wonder how many GP’s or specialists dealing with physical ailments write such prescriptions for their patients? ~ I’d really love to know (please comment).

The first analogy is pretty close to fact… see a short video report on BBC News, “Singing in a choir brings both health and happiness.”  Reports of reduction in anxiety and depression, lung disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Patients’ physical and mental health is improving from this method of expression. Professor Grenville Hancox of Canterbury Christ Church University says, “We want to be able to get singing prescribed… If a GP realises their patient could benefit… it’s a very easy way of starting to get into a cycle of improvement.”

I often sing when I’m feeling unwell, and have experienced healing. Of course, the words play an important part, giving me hope and inspiration. Pamela Martin, a former medical nurse, tells how she now sings! (See link at the end for

The idea of singing being medicine may not be a new idea to you, but can you see a time when doctors will write prescriptions telling patients to use their innate spiritual qualities ~ like singing for joy to get better?

I’m reminded of the wonderful work of the ‘Choir of Hope and Inspiration’ in Australia (formed as Choir of Hard Knocks)…. the choir that reaches out to homeless and disadvantaged, “offering another chance to those who believed they had used up all their chances in life.” Their videos on youtube are very moving.

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