Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Digital radios can cost a bomb. Some people may not know that they are walking around with something far superior to DAB in their pocket.

All you need is an iPhone or iPod Touch connected to the internet and your home iPod/iPhone speaker dock.

Here's what to do:

1) Go into your App Store and search "internet radio stations". Loads of apps will come up. Download one and start streaming. LIVE365 is free and has every genre you can dream of.

Alternatively, go to your favourite radio station's website and touch on listen.

2) Dock your device in your speaker docking station.

It will play through the speakers!

Internet radio is better quality than DAB and you have far more choice of stations... 40 vs. over 10,000.

You will need to make sure you don't go over your data limit as phone companies charge big penalties for excess usage. Check your phone plan to see how much data is included.

Here is a guide to how many MB you will use. Most of the Apps will run at 32 Kbps.

32Kbps = 4KB/s = 12MB/hour
64Kbps = 8KB/s = 23MB/hour
128Kbps = 16KB/s = 57MB/hour

Allocating 1G of your data will give you around 3 hours of listening a DAY for a MONTH! Some phone plans offer up to 4G per month of data in their plans.

Alternatively you can use your wireless system at home which may have much more data than the phone plan you are on. Simply connect your device to your home wireless network.

Brady Gunn of recomends this approach.

"Many iPod docks have DAB. Unfortunately this can add $100 to the price. These days so many people have iPhones and phone companies provide so much data in their plans that it makes a lot more sense to stream internet radio. The quality is better, listeners have more choice, it's more cost effective for most people.......... and it's really simple to do!

"Also some of our older customers like to stream their favourite AM station. It's much better quality and doesn't have the reception hassles associated with AM."

Why buy DAB?

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iPhone or iPod touch connected to the internet and your home iPod/iPhone speaker dock



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