Thursday, November 17th, 2011

An Evening of Solidarity with the People of Syria, 20th November, Brunswick Town Hall

The Australian Syrian Association (ASA) is proud to host an evening of solidarity with the Syrian People. Among the speakers at the event will be Dr Fida Al-Majzoub from the Syrian National Council (SNC). SNC is a Syrian opposition coalition established during the 2011 Syrian uprising against the Assad ruthless dictatorship regime in Syria. Dr Al-Majzoub is one of the 71 members elected to this council.

Australian Syrian Association President, Mr Abdurrahman Hadba, said "This event will seek to inform fellow Australians about the ruthless Baath party in Syria and provide clear pictures of the atrocities against humanity that is happening now."

He added, “...we are particularly excited that Dr Al-Mjzoub, from the Syrian National Council, will be speaking at the event to highlight the current developments.”

The Australian Syrian Association spokesman, Dr Said Ajlouni, said, “Although most, if not all, Australian Politicians are fully aware of what is called 'The Arabic Spring', it is important that fellow Australians are informed of the reality of the atrocities occurring in Syria." 

He added, "The ASA would like to express appreciation to what our Australian Government has done so far against the Syrian regime. However, we urge our government in Canberra to take more serious and immediate actions in order to stop the atrocities occurring.”

The event will take place on Sunday 20th November 2011 6:45 - 9pm, at the Brunswick Town Hall 233 Sydney Road, Brunswick, 3056.

Media Contact: Said Ajlouni
Phone: 0421808786
Email: [email protected]


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Australian Syrian Association

The Australian Syrian Association is a non-profit organisation, established on the 20th March 2011. The association was established with the main objective of creating awareness of the current struggle of the Syrian people for their freedom and democracy.

Since it's establishment the association has held various activities to show their support for the people of Syria, with such activities including multiple peaceful demonstrations.
Said Ajlouni
P: 0421808786


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