Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The multi award-winning medical device, Incostress, has finally arrived in Australia. This innovative, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly product helps women to control embarrassing stress incontinence discreetly and economically. Having quickly established itself as a bestseller in Britain, it’s now available to Australian women.

Incostress was designed and developed by former nurse Gaynor Morgan, who was motivated by the distress her own mother experienced with a stress incontinence problem.

"She was so embarrassed," says Gaynor in a Daily Mail interview, "she wouldn't go shopping or out with friends for fear of wetting herself."

Gaynor felt that there had to be a better way than expensive and wasteful pads, so she worked on early designs until she perfected Incostress. Since then Incostress has gone on to win a host of awards for Gaynor, including a gold medal at the International Inventors Show in Geneva 2008, Welsh Woman of the Year in the science and technology category, MediWales Innovator of the Year for 2008 and best consumer device at the British Inventors Show in 2007.

Incostress is a reusable device that lasts for up to six months. It looks like a ribbed tampon, made of medical grade silicone. It sits inside the vagina, exerting gentle pressure on the urethra, and correcting the position of the bladder, thus preventing embarrassing urine leaks during coughing, laughing and other activities that create pressure within the abdomen.

It will help the estimated 30% of women who suffer from stress incontinence at some point in their lives to manage their problem effectively and discreetly. Incostress is much more economical than using incontinence pads, and could save the many thousands of trees that are currently cut down to produce them.

Gaynor and the health professionals who have supported Incostress’ development acknowledge that pelvic floor strengthening and other options are a long-term cure for stress incontinence. But Incostress is unique, allowing women to manage their problem, whilst they work on strengthening their pelvic floor muscles.

"If the kitchen tap was leaking, we'd get it fixed, not just put a cloth under it," says Gaynor. "If you've got a leak, don't suffer in silence - go out and get some help, because you are not alone."

IncoStress® is made from a medical grade non- allergenic silicone, holds CE0120 certification and is manufactured by C&G Medicare Ltd in the UK.

Incostress has a recommended retail price of $69.95 and is available in Australia from http://www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au/products/incostress.htm or by calling 1300 76 39 40.


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The multi award-winning and best-selling medical device, Incostress, has finally arrived in Australia. Innovative, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly, Incostress helps women to control embarrassing stress incontinence discreetly and economically.



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