Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA – SolveIT Software Pty Ltd, a leading provider of enterprise software solutions for supply & demand optimisation and predictive modelling, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with bulk-handling solutions provider Matrix Group.

Under the newly formed partnership, SolveIT Software and the Matrix Group will work jointly on supply chain optimisation projects to provide clients with a complete solution from the planning & scheduling optimisation layer provided by SolveIT Software down to the task-optimised execution layer provided by the Matrix Group.

“Through our alliance with the Matrix Group, we will be able to provide customers with vertically-integrated supply chain software solutions that cover long-term and short-term planning, detailed scheduling, right down to task execution and real-time monitoring," said Dr Zbigniew Michalewicz, co-founder and Chairman of SolveIT Software. "We already have Rio Tinto Iron Ore and ABB Grain as customers in common with the Matrix Group, and look forward to expanding our relationship in the months ahead."

The Matrix Group is the global leader in innovative commodity and resource management & bulk handling control systems. With over 14 years' experience in the commodity and bulk handling industry, The Matrix Group has earned its reputation by successfully delivering on the promise of providing clients with a reliable, highly automated, integrated and simply managed resource and commodity handling environment that is second to none.

“We are very excited about the formation of this partnership," said Mr Alan Hurdsman, Managing Director of Matrix Group. “While this alliance provides immediate advantages for our existing clients, we also expect our joint approach to supply chain optimisation will also prove attractive to new clients across industry.”

The Matrix Group serves its clients by addressing issues of management costs and process efficiencies within the most demanding environments through advanced processes and patented technologies. We provide our clients with the methodologies and systems to improve and increase the effectiveness of every step of the commodity handling process, from shipping and delivery to storage and husbandry. For more information about the Matrix Group, please visit www.MatrixGroup.com.au

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Two leading Providers of Supply Chain software have formed a partnership.


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