Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
Batteries Save Lives!

It is difficult to find quality AED batteries at affordable prices. Even in places that offer lower prices, there is not a wide enough selection of the batteries to chose from. High-Tech Battery Solutions has the answer. The AED battery is their newest store product. They provide more high-quality AED batteries than other stores at competitive prices. These batteries have a life-span of about four to five years making them more reliable to the emergency medical personnel that use them to save lives. To keep the any machine running at peak strength, it is recommended that the battery be replaced every three years even though it has a four to five year life span. The AED battery comes in a variety of name brands suitable for these kind of machines currently in use.

In the medical field having a battery that functions dependably is critical. In the event of an emergency, people want machines that use reliable batteries. Because medical equipment is used to save many lives, good batteries are more important than ever. Medical equipment failing at a crucial moment is not an option. People using the Automated External Defibrillator machine would do well to consider using AED batteries.

The Automated External Defibrillator, referred to as AED, uses a special lithium battery pack. The first AED machine was invented in Portland, Oregon by a surgeon named Arch Diack. With the invention of the AED machine, the medical field was revolutionised. This machine became an integral part of emergency services and is now considered indispensable. Countless lives have been saved with the use of this invaluable tool. They are used most often in hospitals and clinics by medically trained personnel. Doctors use them on patients in emergency rooms. Nurses use them in nursing homes and other emergency situations. Outside of the hospital or clinical environment, they are used by EMTs, firemen and lifeguards.

However, without batteries, this life-saving equipment would become ineffectual and unable to save anyone. Because these machines are commonly used to treat life-threatening heart conditions, it is vital that the battery used in the machine works properly. Using a battery that is not meant for an AED machine would be unwise. High-tech AED batteries should be the only type of battery used in your equipment.

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