Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
According to psychologist Dr Brian Mitchell “If any situation in our daily lives requires negotiation skills it’s tension between partners. Dramas can’t just be dodged. They’re inevitable in any relationship – part of the price we pay for love. Ignored or handled badly they’ll damage or destroy a relationship.”

Another surprising finding from the survey was the stark difference between women and men in the way they viewed “fairness”. Only 25% of the females interviewed believed that relationship problems are likely to be resolved fairly – compared to nearly 70% of men. The doubts women feel when forced to confront dramas is consistent with the lack of confidence in their negotiation skills in these situations.

A further outcome – 75% of the women viewed “kissing and making up” as the most common response to disputes in relationships. Only 1 in 4 felt that couples would normally persevere to resolve their differences.

According to Dr Mitchell “Couples who don’t face dramas head on, negotiating their different interests, are damaging their relationship. They’re also missing an opportunity to strengthen it. Tension between couples is not something to be feared. Handled well, it’s the best opportunity two people have to bolster trust – the cornerstone of any relationship.”

(*Men and women – mid-twenties to mid-forties – working in the Sydney CBD.)

There’s now a solution to this issue - an app designed by psychologists and negotiation specialists that provides a practical method for resolving dramas in any relationship, whether now or in the future: Love Me Love Me Not, Couples,
Released on the App Store (for iPhones and iPads) at US $4.99.

When Gen X and Gen Y (and even baby boomers) aren’t talking about their relationship, they’re thinking about it. The dramas she’s having with him… or he’s having with her… or she with her, or he with him…

When troubles occur in a relationship that’s what takes over people’s minds.
For good reason, when you’re in the middle of a drama it can range from being a distraction, to an obsession, to something that totally ruins your day… and the next day… and …

With no strategy for dealing with the tensions, disputes and problems that will always crop up within couples, life is a roller-coaster – and not a fun ride. It’s easy to see why relationships fold. Lawyers for celebs like to call it “irreconcilable differences”. But that’s really just code for “we never worked out how to handle the dramas between us.”

In resolving any dispute the answer lies in some form of negotiation process. But here the two parties have an intimate, not a business association. It’s not about winning. It’s about finding a solution that’s fair to both partners, one that’s practical, and that leaves the relationship in better shape because of it.

Although dramas in relationships take many different forms, these don’t require different solutions. The developers of the app Love Me Love Me Not Couples (authors,
psychologists, and international negotiation specialists) have designed a psychologically sound process that can be applied in any problem situation between partners.

After a person has worked through the process just once they can do so for any future drama. Moreover it only requires one partner to follow the process, for both of them to benefit.

The partner companies iApps (Australia's leading mobile application developer) and Viva-Apps (content experts) have produced a unique result – taking the mobile app, and its remarkable entertainment capacity and portability, into the area of behaviour change and personal life-enhancement.

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