Friday, November 18th, 2011

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories is a collection of memoirs from an inspiring group of Forgotten Australians. These are narratives that the reader will encounter in no other book, and are all the more important because they occurred in living memory.

If you grew up in Sydney you might be familiar with the sight of Burnside Children’s Homes - to an outsider a magical place of castles, gardens and lawns. But if you grew up in Burnside you’d know better - like the 26 former residents whose stories appear in Burnished, compiled by Blue Mountains author Kate Shayler.

Readers might think ‘homes kids’ could be a depressing theme for a book but, as broadcast journalist Caroline Jones AO says, the characters are ‘… endearing and inspiring. Their real-life stories cast a shadow over our history. Yet each one shines with the courage and character of the writer.’ These are survivor stories.

Kate was inspired to compile Burnished after writing The Long Way Home, the best-selling story of her own life in Burnside (Random House). She followed this up with A Tuesday Thing (also Random House), before being asked by other now grown up ‘Burnie Kids’ when she was going to write their stories!

So Kate advertised for ex-Burnie kids who were willing to share their stories and the result is this important compilation which clearly document a little-known part of Australian social history from the 1920s to the 1970s.

For readers who like history, biography, welfare or simply a darn good read, Burnished is the book to choose. You’ll meet the lovable rogue, the British child migrant, the gentlemanly rascal, the cop who saw too much, the earth mother, the man who found love at eighty, and the man who helped save the life of the richest man in Australia, just to name a few. These stories bring laughter and tears, smiles, frowns and wonder. Most of all they inspire.  

Burnished: Burnside Life Stories (280 pages, A4 size) RRP$29.95 is published by MoshPit Publishing and available online via for $40.95 including Express Postage anywhere in Australia, or as an ebook for $4.99 (PDF and ePub).

For retailer enquiries, or to interview the author, please contact Jenny Mosher on 1300 644 380 or via email to [email protected]

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