Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Specialist family mediators Family Conflict Resolution Australia (FCRA) has launched its new website, FCRA.com.au.

The website features information on all services offered by FCRA, as well as general mediation insights for those considering mediation and their solicitors.

Family Conflict Resolution Australia was formed two months ago by its Principal, leading Sydney family lawyer, Ms Gayle Meredith. "Family Conflict Resolution Australia was established in response to the changing landscape of the legal dispute process in Australia. In many cases, the courts now require parties in conflict to undertake mediation prior to being heard in court, and as a solicitor myself, I knew there was a genuine shortage of accredited and experienced mediators to help fill that gap.", said Ms Meredith.

FCRA currently has four experienced mediators carrying out mediations for the firm. All FCRA mediators are accredited under the Australia National Mediation Accreditation Scheme, as well as being practicing solicitors.

FCRA’s mediators deal with a wide range of scenarios pertaining to the Family Law Act, including property settlements, parenting arrangements for children, child support negotiation, spousal maintenance, estate related disputes and other general disputes that result from separation. FCRA’s mediators are also qualified to carryout mediations that are not family related, including employment disputes, business agreements, landlord – tenant disputes, disputes between neighbours, and contractual disagreements.

The mediation process helps parties resolve their issues in a cost effective and efficient fashion, allowing the often tedious litigation process to be avoided. By approaching FCRA parties in dispute can have their issues resolved quickly and the highest level of confidentiality is maintained by this firm while dealing with disputes.

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Family Conflict Resolution Australia

Family Conflict Resolution Australia (FCRA) is an experienced team of mediators accredited under the Australian National Mediation Accreditation Scheme.

FCRA's accredited mediators assist in the resolution of a diverse range of issues that fall under the Family Law Act, as well as non-family related disputes.

FCRA mediators engage in "facilitative" mediation, focussing on the parties' needs and interests. FCRA work to identify the needs of both parties, to find common ground and have the parties formulate a series of possible options to address their concerns. The mediator will not suggest those solutions but assist the parties "workshop" to achieve their own settlement.
Gayle Meredith
P: +61 2 8278 7030
W: www.fcra.com.au


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