Monday, November 14th, 2011
An Australian company that produces an innovative new functional food to help fussy kids and busy people meet their daily vitamin and mineral requirements is fast becoming a business success.

Super Sprout, who manufactures a range of organic 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders, says by adding just a few teaspoons of any of its product to food can help meet dietary requirements.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, only one third of young people consume the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and of the vegetables that were consumed, half were potatoes and 75 per cent of the potatoes were fried or mashed with added fat.

The company is the brainchild of Queenslander Colin Richards who developed the idea after seeing the benefits of wheatgrass and barley grass being fed to racehorses.

Colin’s daughter, Melinda, who now runs the company, says her father has always been an entrepreneur, but Super Sprout has been his most fulfilling venture so far.

“Colin has always had a passion for breeding, selling and racing thoroughbred horses, and wheatgrass and barley grass sprouts are a premium food fed to racehorses for optimum performance,” says Melinda.

“He did his own research into the amazing benefits of sprouts, not only wheatgrass but broccoli and barleygrass sprouts for their nutritional value.

“The result after many years research and testing is a range of 10 fruit and vegetable powders, most of which are organic and all from Australian grown products, which can be used as additives to food for even the most fussiest of kids or busiest people to ensure they get their daily intake of vitamin and minerals.”

Super Sprout has consciously tapped into the exploding demand for natural and organic foods and targeted their products to the increasingly busy consumer market.

According to an October 2011 IBIS World report, organic goods are set to experience strong growth over the next five years with demand driven by the perceived health benefits associated with eating organic foods. The report says price of fresh produce will also remain an area of concern for consumers as fresh fruit and vegetables continue to be subject to extreme seasonal weather conditions.

Super Sprout first entered the market in 2009 at the Melbourne Organic Trade Show and has since gained steady popularity through health food stores and gourmet retailers.

From a standing start sales are now growing on average 20 per cent each month with exports through distributors in Dubai, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia all showing consistent growth.

Melinda says the process of using current technology on the fruit and vegetables is the key to the product range retaining their nutrients, minerals and flavours, just as if you were buying these items off the shelf at your local supermarket.

“The technology used by Super Sprout has been available for many years, however Super Sprout's unique method extracts water and moisture only leaving the cell structure in tact allowing the nutrients to remain untouched,” Melinda says.

“We provide a product that is unique to both the Australian and international markets, which even after being packaged retains all the goodness of the original food.

“We don’t blend our powders so consumers as well as Naturopaths and health healers can choose which powder best suits their needs or their client’s needs, rather than a ‘one product fits all’ blended powder approach.

“Super Sprout products have a three to four month shelf life once opened and are so easy to use, taste great and easy to hide in food - fussy eaters will never know the difference but gain all the nutritional benefits.”

Super Sprout’s flagship product is the broccoli sprout powder, with sprouts known to be approximately 20 times more nutritious than any other food plant available.

Numerous research studies, even as recently as published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in August, all demonstrate the benefits of broccoli sprouts antioxidant properties which can help stimulate the ability of cells to protect against disease, including diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and even cancer.

The Super Sprout range includes broccoli sprout, wheatgrass, apple, lemon, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and barleygrass.

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