Monday, November 14th, 2011

When purchasing a property for investment purposes, often the biggest challenge is getting finance. And if for whatever reason you don’t fit the bank’s ideal borrower criteria, it can be close to impossible to get a loan. So what can you do? According to Your Investment Property magazine, ‘people power’ could be the answer.

The latest issue of Your Investment Property looks at two financing strategies – money partnering and joint ventures - that rely on the notion that a few are better than one when trying to navigate financing issues. Editor Nila Sweeney says these strategies can be the answer for investors finding it hard to get a loan from the bank.

“Essentially money partnering is a private financing arrangement and can be a good way to get finance and more flexibility than what a traditional lender might offer,” says Sweeney. “We are also seeing joint ventures become increasingly popular as properties become less affordable and investors choose to share the cost.”

Sweeney says it’s important to pick a financing strategy that works for you.

“Make sure it’s suitable for your particular situation as a borrower or a lender,” says Sweeney. “There are some great benefits to these kinds of arrangements, namely getting access to finance and investment opportunities you might not otherwise be able to, but as with any investment there are also risks.”

Your Investment Property adds a final word of caution: carry out proper due diligence and get all the facts before any money changes hands.

For details on how money partnership and joint ventures work in practice, including case study examples, see the latest issue of Your Investment Property. On sale now at leading newsagents or online at


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