Monday, November 14th, 2011
G2 Australia announces the launch of Pathfinder™. The latest development in modern Shopper Marketing, Pathfinder™ is a global proprietary process, designed to activate the engagement of consumers and shoppers with brands. Developed and tested over two years by G2’s most strategic thinkers from across the globe, Pathfinder™ is a singularly comprehensive and proven strategic planning process.

POPAI, the global association for marketing at retail, has proposed a cleaner definition of Shopper Marketing for 2011, in order to promote a greater understanding of this discipline: ‘The application of shopper insights along the path-to-purchase, to affect purchase behavior in order to increase sales for both retailers and manufacturers.’

By deconstructing the path-to-purchase, or Purchase Decision Journey™, Pathfinder™ works to identify, expand and strengthen a brand's most effective points of influence along the way. The end result is what G2 Worldwide has coined as their global USP: Maximising Brand Commitment™. Brand Commitment is the active selection, re-selection and recommendation of a brand.

G2 believes many companies in Australia feel they know, roughly, what they might need to do for their Shopper Marketing strategy; however, like the rest of the globe struggling to stay on top of our brave new world of greatly expanded communication opportunities, they struggle with the how. According to the POPAI/ShopAbility Shopper Marketing Industry Survey 2011, nearly three-quarters (72%) of all retailers, manufacturers and agencies surveyed for the research report, do not currently have a documented process for conducting Shopper Marketing activities.

A seven step strategic planning process, Pathfinder™ is equipped with a range of custom tools, each specifically developed to seamlessly integrate with the overall process, while removing the guess-work and facilitating a highly targeted, almost scientific approach to communications planning. The process identifies a myriad of individual and specific influences on a consumer’s commitment to purchasing a brand. Pathfinder™ pulls them out as distinctive steps, or Points of Influence along a shopper’s Purchase Decision Journey. These identified Points of Influence are where brands can purposefully engage with their target shoppers in the most impactful way. Pathfinder™ also has a module focused on post-purchase measurement and return, helping G2’s clients to continually refine their Shopper Marketing strategy and sustainably retain loyal, committed consumers.

“Having recently completed an extensive training program for Pathfinder, I’m excited that G2’s global tool is now available to our clients in the Australian marketplace. Pathfinder combines all of our traditional ingredients, from both data and creativity input streams, using a collaborative workshop approach. It walks all stakeholders through each step painlessly, with tollgates along the way to check in and back to original objectives, so the desired outcomes are reached and client expectations are invariably met,” said Carolyne Wildman, Strategy Lead at G2 Australia. “The end result is a truly targeted strategic Shopper Marketing Plan, with seamless integration of media, messages and experiences, for highly persuasive communications at each step along the shopper’s Purchase Decision Journey.”

“While the Pathfinder training was intensive and the process itself is complex, at its core the way Pathfinder maximises brand commitment is quite simple; it delivers communications which engage consumers with highly relevant messages and experiences, delivered at the right time, in the right place and in the right way to positively affect purchase decisions,” continued Carolyne.

According to the POPAI/ShopAbility Shopper Marketing Industry Survey 2011, more than 80% of their survey respondents of retailers, manufacturers and agencies believe that Shopper Marketing enhances the shopping experience, contributes to topline growth and assists in retailer/manufacturer collaboration.

Globally, G2 has a number of its top-tier clients, including Procter & Gamble, Campbell’s and Heineken, interested and anxious to begin using Pathfinder™. G2 Australia has begun discussions with existing clients and new business prospects about the benefits of using Pathfinder™ to develop their Shopper Marketing strategies for the modern Australian retail landscape.

"We will only offer Pathfinder to one company per category, as it will be quite a unique competitive advantage," said Carolyne. "So it will have to be a case of first-in-best-dressed."

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G2 Australia

G2 Australia is a top-ten brand activation agency that helps marketers Maximise Brand Commitment™.
A part of the G2 Worldwide global network of companies, G2 Australia's multifaceted service offering brings together direct marketing, data analytics, shopper marketing, branding and design, promotional marketing, experiential marketing, communications planning and digital/interactive marketing, facilitating the creation and delivery of innovative and compelling marketing programs for its clients. G2 Australia utilises unique and proprietary tools to gain insights into the consumer’s Purchase Decision Journey™, from consideration to brand selection.

G2 Australia is headquartered in Sydney, and is one of G2 Worldwide’s 76 offices in 54 countries.

G2 Australia is part of the WPP Group.

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