Saturday, November 12th, 2011
Wavelength International today announced the launch of a new blog, "Off the Script" which is to be authored by one of the company directors, Dr. John Bethell.

The blog is intended to be a platform for Dr. Bethell to share his views and expertise on the world of medical workforce and recruitment.

"After nearly 20 year helping doctors find work and employers find doctors I believe that I see the medical workforce world from a unique perspective." says Dr. Bethell. "I hear about all the hopes and fears expressed by doctors looking for work, moving overseas or making radical career moves. I equally share the confidence of health employers who face the daily and idiosyncratic challenges of building and managing a medical workforce. Positioned as I am at the crossroads, and sometimes in the crossfire, I believe that I have some original observations to share and I hope to do so through this blog."

Dr. Bethell adds, "The medical recruitment arena is perhaps more interesting than most because of the sheer number and complexity of the stakeholders involved. Every time a doctor is recruited a plethora of individuals and institutions immediately get involved. From politics and government, through colleges, regulatory bodies, advocacy groups, colleagues, friends, detractors and ultimately the patients who benefit from the presence of a doctor in a role that would otherwise go unfilled – the list of interested parties goes on and on. This ensures that medical recruitment is never dull."

I call my blog “Off the Script” because as a commercial business owner I don’t always have a chance to speak frankly or fully on subjects that I have lived and breathed for most of my professional life.

I don’t claim to be an expert, in fact no-one could, but definitely an interested observer. I hope that my musings help to shed some light on this complex subject and add something useful to the broader debate.

The blog can be found at

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Wavelength International

Wavelength International is a niche multi-award winning medical recruitment company based in Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1999 by Co-Directors Dr. John Bethell and Claire Ponsford, the company focuses on excellence in recruiting doctors for its Australian, New Zealand and international clients. The business has grown an average of 30% per annum since launch and now has over 60 FTE staff. Wavelength is a 2001 BRW "Best Place to Work".

Dr. John Bethell graduated from Aberdeen Medical School in 1990. Since then he was spent most of his professional life in Australia, firstly as a junior doctor then starting his first medical recruitment firm in 1994. After a brief period working at Morgan and Banks in Sydney, Dr. Bethell launched Wavelength with co-founder Claire Ponsford in 1999. As a pioneer and market leader of medical recruitment in Australia Dr. Bethell has seen the industry grow and mature over two decades. His knowledge and opinion are widely sought and respected. He has authored a number of articles and appeared on expert panels debating industry matters.
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