Friday, November 11th, 2011
If the title “12welve” is a little outside the square for most people, the subtitle of personal trainer Jon Ball’s new book ought to clear things right up – it’s “The Ultimate Body Transformation Book”.

There’s nothing ambiguous about that title. After 20 years of making individuals and teams fitter, the Adelaide-based personal trainer knows a thing or two about achieving peak physical performance. He’s transformed many bodies and is set to transform a lot more with his book.

Through nearly 250 pages and countless illustrations and photos, Jon shows readers the secret to transforming their body in just 12 weeks. He explains that the journey doesn’t so much start with a single step but a single decision.

“The first step is called the decision,” he says. “The decision to do something about your body and to not come up with excuses as to why you won’t do that.

“There are five components to achieving a fit, healthy body. The first is planning and this cannot be underestimated. Then you have nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, resistance training and stretching.”

Jon says being fit and healthy changes people’s outlook on life more than many realise. Perhaps that’s why he named his Modbury gym “Changes” – because, in Jon’s own words, “there is nothing more exciting to me than changing someone’s life”.

He may be an expert in fitness and exercise but Jon places a great deal of emphasis on diet. Regardless of fitness level, any body can be transformed. And, according to Jon, any out of condition body needs to be transformed because it’s not just about feeling good or image – it’s about living longer.

It’s all explained in simple language – about transforming your body in just 12 weeks. It’s all in the book!

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