Friday, November 11th, 2011
With all the turmoil that is happening in today’s economic markets you may ask ‘How can our property market recover?’

Michael Yardney, CEO of Metropole Property Strategists, and one of Australia’s leading property experts says, “Many factors affect a country’s property prices in the short term and in the long term and they are driven by 2 main factors namely, population growth and the wealth of the nation”.

Read more on Yardney has to say on this subject in this in his latest property market update :

Yardney says, “Australia is well positioned to benefit from the growth of Asia, which represents 50% of the world’s population. We have vast resources that will be required by our growing neighbours and we are at the beginning of the mother of all resources booms.

Some companies and their shareholders will become richer, but so will the average Australian. On many accounts the average Australian is richer already than people living in most other countries, however some people living in Australia just don’t see that and complain and protest.

The latest figures show :

o Approximately 7 million households own their home, with an average value of $541,000.

o The same number have a mortgage on their house that has the average value of $521,000 with a mortgage of $188,000.

As long as people keep having children and residents from other countries seek to settle on our shores, Australia will not be immune to the population pandemic that's sweeping the world.

We need to embrace it in a positive and sustainable way. We must also recognise the opportunity this will give us to boost our declining workforce and in turn, our country’s economic wellbeing through revenue raised from income taxes, as well as new Australians buying goods and services and that includes property.

While property prices are in a bit of a slump at present, that’s just part of the property cycle. As the cycle moves on, and it always does, the combination of population growth and increasing wealth will underpin the strong growth of capital city property values – as they have done for decades.”

You can also view Michael Yardney’s latest video blog here:-

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