Monday, August 17th, 2009
Australian Marketing Institute Chairman Roger James has had enough. He is fed up with the continual misrepresentation of the marketing profession and its role.

"Marketers are commonly portrayed as flim-flam merchants, leading susceptible consumers to buy things they neither need nor really want,” James says. “This is far from the truth. Marketing is about understanding needs and satisfying them to the satisfaction of both parties. Marketing has been defined as a system of mutually beneficial exchanges.”

James does not deny that marketing has been turned to less than honourable purposes. But he points out that this should not be used to argue against marketing principles.

“The noble profession of teaching has been used to poison young minds on occasion. Do we condemn teaching for it? Of course not. Likewise, accountancy is necessary for the modern business world to function, but we don’t suddenly turn away from it when its principles are perverted in cases like Enron, even though it led to incalculable losses.”

He contends it is time for a re-think, for marketing to be recognised as the main source of value creation in business, as a set of principles that are both ethical and beneficial – and he’s prepared to argue the toss.

“Not only is marketing about providing better solutions to our needs as consumers, it is also about helping society deal with problems such as drink-driving, through social marketing campaigns.”

James also points out that marketing is not just about advertising. “People may not realise it, but the marketing cycle starts with research to understand needs, then through product design and formulation; through pricing, distribution and promotion and even to after sales service. This is a long way from the perception of marketers as snake-oil salesmen”.

More information? Roger James is happy to argue his case. 03 9846 6800 [email protected]

For further information: Mark Crowe, Chief Executive Officer, Phone: 03 8256 1650, Email: [email protected]

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Roger James
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Marketing – Misunderstood and Misrepresented - Time for a Change


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