Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

A new innovative service has been launched by Rent Resumé Pty Ltd to give rental tenants across Australia a better deal. For rental applicants it is near impossible to prove that they are good tenants when applying for a rental property. This is difficult enough with another agent in the same suburb, let alone in a different city. As a result people have to jump through a lot of hoops to satisfy a property manager that they will be good tenants when applying for a rental property. When it’s all said and done the property manager doesn’t really know if the applicant will be a good tenant or not.

With the ever increasing transient workforce in Australia, there is a great need for an easier way for tenants to display their past and present conduct as a tenant. With house prices increasingly becoming prohibitive, more and more people continue to rent, hence a better way of tracking tenant history is needed. Rent Resumé has the solution.

A Rent Resumé member pays $3.95 a week by direct debit and is issued with a Membership Card containing their name and membership number. With these details a property manager can quickly look up the tenancy history of a Rent Resumé member via our iphone/ipad and android phone app. Alternately the property manager can use our web portal.

At a rental open house twenty people may turn up to inspect the property. Being a Rent Resumé member allows you to be a VIP by presenting your card to the property manager and hopefully jumping the queue. As an extra bonus, Rent Resumé members receive 5% discount at Coles, Woolworths, Big W and Dan Murphys. Rent Resumé offers great value for money by reducing a member's living costs and helping them secure their next rental property.  More shopping discounts will become available as Rent Resumé continues to grow.

For more information on Rent Resumé please go to our website http://www.rentresume.com.au

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Rent Resumé Pty Ltd

Rent Resumé started due to the frustration and repetition involved when applying for a rental property. I thought there must be an way to make the process a lot easier, rewarding, smoother & safer for all concerned.

What was needed was a national system that was portable between different real estate agencies. A system that enables tenants to prove that they are good tenants. Other tenancy systems mainly record bad rental conduct and usually don't record what I feel is the most important aspect, namely good rental conduct. This new system needed to be accessible instantly by property managers at rental open homes or anywhere for that matter. A system where tenants become a club member and receive a membership card.

As I like shopping as much as the next person, I felt it would be a great idea to incorporate shopping discounts into Rent Resumé. Being able to receive discounts on food, fuel and alcohol would assist with the cost of basic requirements in life for Rent Resumé members. We will be bringing members further shopping discounts and increased reward programs as Rent Resumé grows. Helping our members and having some fun along the way is what we're all about.

There has been a very positive response from the property management industry to Rent Resumé with support coming from all levels of the industry. I look forward to seeing our membership grow and benefit.
Darren Smith
Darren Smith
P: 1300478470
M: 0457921227
W: www.rentresume.com.au


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