Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

An increasing number of Australians are looking for answers to help them avoid financial problems. Financial problems not only cause stress but also cause various health problems such as depression and sleep disorders. When debts accumulate, people find it hard to pay the borrowed amount especially due to the interest rates charged and riding fees.

On the 1st of November the RBA decided to cut the interest rates to help the Australian economy. This interest rate cut is expected to help Australian homeowners approximately $50 a month on paying mortgage fees.

Despite this, the recent unemployment figures have left many Australians fighting for their jobs. The ABS reported that the number of unemployed decreased by only 3800, as of this the unemployment rate still remains high at 5.2%. Being outside of the targeted 5% and under range, Australians fear that the economy may take unexpected down.

Unemployment has been gradually rising throughout the year of 2011, from 4.9% in March to 5.2% in September. Securing and protecting your employment within the labour force is a goal of many Australians.

Australian site has noticed that the frequency of income protection enquires have significantly increased which means Australians are still concerned about economic uncertainties

Currently, the income protection insurance offered to self employed and employed individuals, have helped numerous people live a normal life when they could not work due to health problems. Eligible applicants can receive up to 75% (some policies can offer higher) of their salary if temporarily unable to work

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