Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
The IQ Business Group (IQBG) today confirmed the launch of its new community cloud, iqCloud, to be rolled out initially to Australia’s superannuation industry. iqCloud will form a cloud computing extension of the IQBG Trustee Office Solution, iqBoard, an automated governance solution primarily for superannuation Trustee Board and sub-committee Members.

The iqCloud conforms to Australian security and privacy models, regulatory risk and audit requirements and will host and process corporate information only within its two local data centres in Sydney and Melbourne. It is also able to manage non-superannuation entities implementing the iqBoard solution, a market that is currently being developed by IQBG.

“iqCloud is ideal to address the growing needs and responsibilities of the Trustee Office for Australian superannuation organisations and it complements our initial launch of the iqBoard solution as an internally-hosted offering,” outlined Graham Sammells, CEO, IQBG.

“Developing community cloud applications is another way that we are working with the superannuation industry to address the issue of productivity improvements and overall Information Technology investment. Increasing complexity in managing and proving secure access to data and information has generated the demand for these solutions, and technology advances have made them possible and cost effective,” he said.

iqCloud is a common shared infrastructure based on the Microsoft technology stack, utilising core Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Server.

iqCloud is located within Australia’s sovereign data boundaries, with all processing and storage taking place on-shore. The managed service provides a Business Continuity Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan and Uptime Service Level Agreement to contribute to smooth business service.

The service also provides a secure and scalable mobile device management platform. This has previously been used to seamlessly secure the iPad environment and iqBoard application and is expected to be rolled out to additional mobile device providers in the future.

The iqCloud is able to offer a number of IQBG solutions:
• iqBoard -Trustee and sub-committee Board Papers and Meeting Management
• iqClaims - Case Management for Insurance Claims
• iqDQ - Data Quality Analysis and Management
• iqArchive - A data archive solution for legacy systems
• iqSBR - A Standard Business Reporting translator

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