Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Property is a Girl’s Best Friend is the knock-out property investment book that women across Australia and New Zealand have been waiting for!

What’s so different about this property investment book? Property is a Girl’s Best Friend is very possibly the first book of a totally new kind of property investment genre.

Property Women diva and investing guru Rachel Barnes sets the tone starting with the introduction of the book, and ends it solidly with step-by-step instructions on how to purchase a property.

A lineup of Property Women powerhouses weigh in generously with chapters of their own in each of their areas of expertise including PW founder Judith Taylor, Annie Stoker (www.LifeTrainingInstitute.com.au), Lidia Sherwin (www.findingfinance.com.au), Joanna Chivers (www.propertybloom.com.au), Jenny Storey, Robyn Marsters, Rob Balanda (www.mba-lawyers.com.au), Pat Fleming (www.bspg.com.au), Carolyn Wright (www.yourpropertymanager.com.au), and ‘Capitalist Hippy’ Melanie McDonald (www.businessrenovators.com.au). Each and every one dispenses precious content gained from years of experience, market study, trial and error, in an encouraging, open manner that makes you sigh in gratefulness.

Unlike any other property investment book on the market, Property is a Girl's Best Friend takes a holistic view of property investment. Each chapter starts out asking the reader what her specific goals are. Strategic options are then provided based on the reader’s particular situation, penchants or personality.

The overall effect of this wonderful book is a celebration of property investment and the diversity of strategies that can be used by the reader to do what fits her best. There is no one-size fits all solution; one is encouraged to sing her own song!

Ladies, if you’re looking for one source that packs all of PW's lessons on property investing in one reference book that is both fun to read and incredibly informative, look no further!

Not yet available in bookstores - publication date 1st October 2009
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Pre-orders available at www.propertywomen.com

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Property Women

Property Women was founded in Australia in 2006 and early in 2009 launched into New Zealand. Property Women provide independent education, information, inspiration and association for women involved in property.

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Scott Eathorne

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