Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
Dewalio Clothing Co. is a new age clothing company set on making positive change through fashion.

A 17-year-old student named Alex Jeffery started Dewalio Clothing Co. a month ago in Melbourne, Australia. Fashion is always making strong statements, and it is very true that not many clothing brands are trying to make these statements positive. Many brands out there are focused on either creating visually strong clothing or some brands are out there simply displaying jokes or dirty statements on their clothing. Dewalio Clothing Co.’s mission is to create clothing that is visually pleasing while mixing through simple, positive and up-lifting messages.

This is a concept that is so simple, yet no one has seemed to be able to carry it out. Alex Jeffery is a change maker himself, and sees every opportunity to make our world a better place. “How can we make drastic changes if we can’t even do those simple everyday acts?” is one question Alex always asks. Dewalio Clothing Co. aims to encourage these simple acts through its fresh, colourful, and unique clothing.

Dewalio Clothing Co. understands people’s views on clothing and that people do wear clothes that enhance their appearance. This is exactly the reason why Dewalio mixes its messages into these sorts of designs - designs that people will wear, and designs that will create change. This is the ultimate combination and one that no one has yet been able to master.

This clothing concept has not been seen before and has already had marvellous comments and feedback from all around the world. With the store not even open for sales, Dewalio Clothing Co. ’s Facebook fan page had exploded with ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’ This is one indicator to the popularity of this new concept in the fashion industry. We will be seeing many brands follow this new idea in the not too distant future, however Alex has said that Dewalio Clothing Co. has big plans and will be introducing more ideas to revolutionise the clothing industry.

To be one of the first ever people to wear this revolutionary brand, get behind them and visit Dewalio Clothing Co. is also a very social brand, and keeps a regular following on both Facebook and Twitter.

With Summer just around the corner for us in Australia it is time to fill your wardrobe with clothes that are going to change your world, make you look great and feel awesome.

Look great, feel awesome and spread your positive vibe by wearing Dewalio this Summer!

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Dewalio Clothing Co.

Dewalio Clothing Co. is Melbourne's new designer clothing brand mixing positive and up-lifting messages into fresh, modern and stylish designs.

Started in September 2011, by 17 year old Alex Jeffery, Dewalio Clothing Co. has grown quickly and is very popular throughout Melbourne already.

P: 0433616441


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