Monday, November 7th, 2011
An Australian company that produces a range of natural 100 per cent pure fruit and vegetable powders has just released a new product to meet the focus on purple super foods.

Super Sprout manufactures organic Australian grown Beetroot powder which is recognised as a true super food by nutritional experts, and adding just a few teaspoons to your favourite juice or savoury recipe will provide all the benefits promoted in purple foods.

This is particularly suitable for children who suffer from congestive aspects of Asthma and would prefer to adopt a food as a medicine management plan.
It can also assists with improved memory and can be easily disguised for fussy eaters.

Super Sprout CEO Melinda Richards says while purple foods are the latest nutritional trend towards health and well being, getting access to them can sometimes be difficult.

“Beetroot is probably the best known purple food and a great body protector, but not everybody likes the look or taste of the vegetable,” Melinda says.

“Super Sprout's 100 per cent Beetroot powder can provide access to the natural goodness of Beetroot any time of the day without the hassle of peeling, chopping or cooking.

“We use only the highest quality Australian grown organic Beetroot to ensure the Beetroot is one of the purist available anywhere in the world.”

Research has shown beetroot is extremely low GI and is high in soluble fibre, which helps to reduce high blood cholesterol levels and can also increase oxygen uptake at the cellular level, reducing blood pressure and protecting the cardiovascular system.

Super Sprout has just released an improved texture for its 100 per cent pure organic Beetroot powder which has a finer consistency meaning its easier to add to foods and more soluble.

The new product is the finest quality powder with no other products or “fillers” added - just 100 per cent pure Beetroot powder.

“Many of the top super foods are purple that contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols,” Melinda says.

“Some common compounds found such as flavonoids can strengthen blood vessels, preventing cardiovascular disease.

“They also contain resveratrol, also found in red wine, which is an anti-aging compound that helps with weight loss and makes a great beauty supplement.”

The process of using unique technology with the fruit and vegetables is the key to the Super Sprout product range retaining their nutrients, minerals and flavours, just as if you were buying these items off the shelf at your local supermarket.

“We provide a product that is unique to both the Australian and international markets, which even after being packaged retains all the goodness of the original food,” Melinda says.

“Super Sprout products have a three to four month shelf life once opened and are so easy to use, taste great and easy to hide in food.

“This means that fussy eaters will never know the difference but gain all the nutritional benefits.”

Super Sprout’s flagship product is the broccoli sprout powder that contains Sulforaphane, a chemical that is known to stimulate the body's natural ability to fight certain diseases.

Sprouts are also known to be approximately 20 times more nutritious than any other food plant available.

The range includes wheatgrass, apple, lemon, strawberry, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and barleygrass.

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