Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

We-R1-One.com releases its latest secret weapons in creating a new era in competition, announcing a business alliance with former Chief Economist of Qantas, Dr Tony Webber, and Vaughnn Brooks, I.T. and Web Expert at VeeBee Graphics. The company vows to intensely increase competition between major retailers, utility and service providers across the industries of Electricity, Petrol, Banking, Telecommunications and Airlines, to mention a few.

We-R1-One.com specialises in 5 core business activities: consumer protection, competition intelligence, public interest/law reform matters, rebuilding consumer confidence and the uniting of all Australians. 

Since the last report on 29 Sept 2011, We-R1-One.com has experienced an incredible demand in interest spanning across the globe. (See previous press report: http://www.newsmaker.com.au/news/11786 and stay tuned for further spectacular announcements.)

CEO of We-R1-One Mr Jamie Tratnik said: “Almost every consumer can benefit from our team efforts and negotiations in one way or another as we are targeting all major retailers and service providers. Our policies give real rewards to consumers and will achieve the lowest prices across Australia."

ABOUT "MONOPSONY": Dr Tony Webber says: "The trade union movement was developed to raise the bargaining power of employees in wage and work condition negotiations between labour and capital. This creates what’s called 'monopsony' power in those negotiations. We now have created a similar type of monopsony power that can be developed on behalf of the consumers of goods and services in their battle with suppliers.

"There are specialist skills and innovative methods that need to be applied to do this, However, the concept of monopsony consumer power is simple and to my knowledge has never been achieved around the world before, especially on the logistical magnitude that we are performing. Consumers with no market power band together into one formidable group which bargains with suppliers on behalf of those consumers. This single consumer Monopsonist Group, We-r1-One, can secure lower prices than if they each negotiated prices with suppliers separately."

The aim of building monopsony consumer power is to force prices to levels that are closer to marginal cost, resulting in a transfer of welfare from suppliers to consumers without destabilising the industry.

Dr. Webber said: "The first step in the process of creating monopsony power is uniting and securing the support of members from all across Australia. The second step is to identify those goods where there is a strong likelihood that supplier market power is being flexed.

"This identification process first involves an examination of the components of the CPI that have grown at a faster pace than the All Groups CPI. It then involves examining whether there are any cost-based rationales for this above average growth in prices and if so, whether those cost increases are largely beyond the control of suppliers. This will involve an in-depth examination of the annual reports of key suppliers."

Webber Quantitative Consulting will be heavily involved in the supply of quantitative modelling, microeconomic expertise and evidence to identify suppliers where there is the greatest potential for monopsony wins by consumers.

Dr Webber said that he is very pleased to partner with We-R1-One Pty Ltd and its Associates in forming this business alliance to create the largest consumer protection network in Australia.

A preliminary investigation suggests that there are a number of potential sectors of the economy in which prices have grown at rapid rates over a long horizon (Table available on request).

Mr Tratnik said: "With ongoing complaints, excessive price rises in petrol, the exorbitant fees across the industry in finance and electricity, consumers need to act now and join our limited time offer for FREE registration. Anyone without a computer can use our mobile SMS service and send contact details of full name, address, home phone & email to 0467 555 111, 24/7, or visit our web site to sign up www.we-r1-one.com

  • PROTESTS: Create attention over corporate greed but only hurt the protesters not the 1%. To make a real impact on corporate greed, campaigners, workers, activists, companies and families should all unite with we-r1-one.com in this new phenomenon to MAKE REAL CHANGES, STAY SAFE and GET GUARANTEED SOLUTIONS.

  • QANTAS: These recent spates confirm that our position and Airlines is one of the industries we are investigating. QANTAS’s recent actions grounding their fleet towards union strikes affected 100,ooo’s of consumers worldwide, adversely impacted innocent customers, loyal staff, affected new customer by taking bookings at inapropriate times and failing to pre warn everyone. This also seriously affects customer loyalty to stay with them and consumer confidence not to mention potentially crippling the tourism industry and the economy. Qantas gave competitors Virgin an advantage to capitalise on their actions. 

  •  Woolworths 10% and Coles Group 15% offers: The recent events of the price wars between supermarkets giants threatening their customer brand names, our primary producers and processors to source inferior overseas products to increase profit is another major concern of ours. The offering up to 15 cents off petrol and luring customers into spending up to $150 is a gimmick to raise 3000% profit for them and gain market share. 
  • This does not benefit the consumer for a number of reason, (1) Especially when you need to spend $50 to get around $5 - $6 dollars discount on fuel, (2) the petrol companies knowing they will inflate prices at the end of the week up to .21+ cents and obliterating the 15 cents off, (3) they only offer 1 coupon per sale transaction even if you spend $450,(4) Coles promoting drinking and driving mixes by spending money at liquorland to gain petrol discounts is immoral and insensitive. 

Mr Tratnik said "Every Australian is feeling the impacts and now have a chance to support this agency, put real money back into their pockets and they can rely on us to protect their interests thought our fierce negotiations.

"No more puppets on a string, let’s cut the ties and control this thing”©. The only way to turn the tables is by joining. We-R1-One.com there is NO better solution available!

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We-R1_One are the first corporate organisation of it’s kind in the World to create such a powerful and unique form of true competition. This means forcing competition between Billion Dollar companies who provide services to all consumers and average householders – without opening a shop front that directly competes with them for; Market share of comparable products, masses of customers, prime real estate locations and or using major strategic marketing and advertising campaigns.

We-R1-One Pty Ltd, is an Independent Corporate Organisation specialising in uniting all Australians and rebuilding consumer confidence. We R Australia’s unique (CP) consumer protection & (CIA) competition intelligence agency , which actually creates true competition like never seen before and literally forces prices down.

We-R1-One.com takes registrations from all over the World and benefits every member from every house hold who has en expense that fits the above categories. We now have multiple followers from the United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Korea and Australia. We-R1-One represents all ages, from teens, adults, pensioners and businesses whom have expenses that fit our categories above.
CEO and Founder, We-R1-One: Jamie Tratnik
P: 0419 888 259
W: www.We-r1-One.com

Webber Quantitative Consulting

Webber Quantitative Consulting Pty Ltd is a small consulting firm that specialises in quantitative and statistical modelling. The managing director is Dr Tony Webber. Dr Webber conducts and oversees all statistical and econometric analyses that underpin the products offered on this website. He has a PhD in Economics, with coursework majors in advanced time series econometrics.

The models that are built by Webber Quantitative Consulting involve the application of cutting-edge econometric techniques to historical data.
At the beginning of his career Dr Webber lectured and taught at numerous Australian and overseas universities in a range of subjects, including advanced time series econometrics, advanced microeconomics and macroeconomics, and quantitative methods.

After his time in academia he spent a little over two years at the Reserve Bank of Australia within the Retail Payments System and Economic Research areas. He then spent two years as a consultant for a Regulatory Economics consultancy before his time at Qantas Airlines Ltd.

Dr Webber spent just under 7 years at Qantas Airlines Ltd. In the first 3 years he was General Manager of Microeconomics before becoming the Chief Economist.

This vocational timeline gives Dr Webber over 20 years of experience in statistical and econometric model building and forecasting.

His mix of statistical, aviation and economic expertise and experience enable him to provide a unique and valuable perspective on the current and future fair value of share prices and exchange rates, and the historical likelihood of the actual prices deviating from fair value.

Recent clients of Webber Quantitative Consulting include:

• Qantas Airways Ltd
• Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
• Tourism and Transport Forum
• Tourism Australia
• Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
• Gerson Lehrman Group
• Telstra
Managing Director Dr Tony Webber
P: 0423 208 720
W: www.webqc.com.au/


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