Monday, November 7th, 2011
Last Friday, hundreds of people from all over New Zealand gave their real-time reactions to a segment of the Campbell Live show on TV3. Using a slider-bar in the new Mobile Reactor app for Androids, iPads & iPhones, their second-by-second reactions were averaged and displayed live on the program as it went to air.

TV3 will be featuring The Roy Morgan Reactor when they broadcast the live NZ Election Debate on Monday, November 21st. The real-time reactions of a balanced audience of uncommitted voters in the studio can be compared to the live reactions of New Zealand voters, reacting with their smartphones, wherever they are. The Mobile Reactor app can be downloaded free from your app store.

“This world-leading technology introduces the next level of viewer engagement and interactivity to television," says Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan Research. "We've been seeing the popularity of Twitter and voting by text, but this provides the ability for viewers to really engage with a program, not just for a moment but for the entire duration, or when ever they feel they want to give their reactions. After providing The Reactor (and Worm) to TV networks over the last two decades, we know that The graphs provide an extra level of entertainment and engagement, not just for those reacting but for all viewers. From previous Election Debates, we have seen the proof in the ratings that, when given a choice to watch with our without The Reactor, viewers resoundingly vote for the Reactor."

“The Reactor allows hundreds of thousands of viewers to give their second-by-second reactions to any program (or event) which can be viewed in real time in the online Reactor Player, where audience segments can be selected and graphed live, a Studio Vs At-home audience, Male Vs Female or Age groups, for example. Roy Morgan Research is talking to networks in Australia, UK and USA about a wide variety of programs featuring The Reactor including Current Affairs, Talent Quests, Game Shows and Sport.”

For further information Marcus Tarrant +61 418 320328: or Michele Levine +61 411 129 093

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Roy Morgan Research launches the world's first Mobile Reactor for live TV in New Zealand.



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