Monday, November 7th, 2011
A group of young Sydney creatives are forging a model. A model that can be implemented Nationally. They want to see art galleries become the norm next to the library, the gym and the assembly hall on High School campuses all over Australia.

Gallery 2166 coined after the postcode in which it'll reside - Cabramatta in South West Sydney will take residency in an old Design & Technology building endowed by Cabramatta High School's Principal Beth Goodwin. A relationship they forged completely independently. In the spirit of independence from governmental support they're resting the fate of this challenging, brave and edgy project on the Nation by creating rewards for pledges using the crowd funding site The capital will go towards conversion of the building and the necessities to resource the space while the team works unpaid.

The project will empower students to have an opinion about art and start their own creative process in a community with restricted access to art and artistic enterprise. Gallery 2166 aims to get students comfortable around art, acclimatize them to touch, look and interact with work to feel entitled and welcome in this setting, a setting that can be intimidating for the uninitiated.

It'll be this familiarity that inspires the Cabramatta community to tell their own rich stories; be they refugee, immigrant or something much more unexpected. This area of Sydney is one of the most vibrant and multicultural in Australia, personal stories of atrocity, war and isolation in a foreign land run deep, and the directors want to not only encourage but validate these stories as something worthy and valuable.

The directors recognize the initiative as a necessary cultural dialog to link different areas and people of Sydney that would otherwise have little contact. The project will unfold as an experiment in escaping a well worn path of art in the inner city, a place they reside and are accustom. They want to challenge themselves, forge new paths and relationships to grow and discover through their time in the area. The interaction and exchange will be equally as insightful and rewarding for the directors as the Cabramatta community.

The team:
Saha Jones - artist/curator.
Andrew Morgan - filmmaker/founder of RepoSocial.
Jola Jones - teacher.
Nicole Dennis - place maker & Creative Sydney Panelist.
Trevor Parkee - youth worker.

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Gallery 2166

Gallery 2166 is non-profit organization/collective; all directors have equal share. Art activism and art intervention to empower creativity is at the heart of everything we do. The members founded the first annual World Fingerpainting Day in 2011.
Andrew Morgan
P: 0405525931


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