Monday, November 7th, 2011
Parenting author Jodie Benveniste calls on a return to Mother, and Father, knows best

A groundbreaking new parenting book urges parents to stop listening to experts, friends and family, and instead listen to themselves to address any parenting problem. In her new book The Parent Manifesto: How to create a parenting approach that’s perfect for your family ( ), Jodie Benveniste says parents should throw away the conflicting and confusing information and make sure that daily tasks follow the bigger picture. Overall, they need to learn to trust their own instincts.

The Parent Manifesto offers parents a step-by-step process to create their own parenting approach. It’s based on the assumption that parents are the experts, and that they know their kids, their family and themselves better than anyone. All they need is guidance to tap into that knowledge, gain confidence, and create their own style, which is what this book offers.

Jodie Benveniste, director and founder of Parent Wellbeing, is a psychologist and parenting expert with vast media experience. She has been featured on Today Tonight, The Morning Shows on Channel 7 and Channel 10, in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, The Sunday Mail, ABC and commercial radio, and in all the top parenting magazines. Jodie is also Affiliate Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, Editorial Advisor for Family Fun magazine, and mum to two young children. She first launched the idea of The Parent Manifesto at TEDx. You can watch her TEDx presentation here:

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We’re in an age of information overload where parenting instinct is being replaced by expert information. “Unfortunately, a lot of parenting information is contradictory and confusing and this can undermine your confidence as a parent. Parents fear that instead of setting their kids up for life, they might be stuffing them up! Many parents aren’t sure how to parent confidently,” says Benveniste.

A recent survey of over 100 parents on the Parent Wellbeing website discovered that parents’ biggest concerns were a lack of confidence, being time poor and pressured, feeling judged and scrutinised, and worrying about whether they were raising their kids the right way.

“Research shows that parents are one of the unhappiest groups in Australia. They're stressed, busy, and confused”, says Benveniste. “The real challenge is that parents don't know how to work out their own family road map based on their beliefs and values. Instead, they muddle through each day and fear that they’re stuffing their kids up. The Parent Manifesto helps them create their own road map.”

“Cookie-cutter parenting approaches can be damaging”, says Benveniste. “It’s great if it works. But if it doesn’t, parents can end up feeling like even more of a failure. A parenting approach needs to fit with your values to be effective. What’s important to you and your family should be the starting point and not an afterthought. There’s no one right way to raise kids. This book helps parents to be bold enough to find their own way.”

Examples of the differences between ‘expert’ opinions and some ‘expert’ choices parents made after following the Parent Manifesto Program.


Experts say:
Approaches vary from controlled crying to co-sleeping

What one parent said:
“The way we’re getting through it is to be consistent, and to accept that it’s hard but ‘this too shall pass’.”


Experts say:
Approaches vary from ignore tantrums to soothe and cuddle your child

What one parent said:
“I opted for a gentle approach to discipline. I don't raise my voice and I don't go into battle. That makes a lot of difference.”


Experts say:
Approaches vary from authoritative parenting to attachment parenting

What one parent said:
“I have a sense of calm that we’ve made the right decisions for us and our kids, and we're happy with those decisions.”

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