Friday, November 4th, 2011
Adrian Di Marco, Executive Chairman of Australia’s leading enterprise software solutions provider, TechnologyOne, is to speak at the fifth Australian Angel Investor’s conference in Melbourne, commencing 29 February 2012 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. TechnologyOne, as an Angel Investor backed company, is a significant example of how Angel investment provides the foundation for growth of large technology companies in the Australian market.

This 5th conference represents a milestone for the Australian Association of Angel Investors and a milestone for Australian Angel investors and their links to international Angel Investor communities.

“During its five year history as the first Angel event in the annual calendar, this conference has set the tone for international discussion on issues facing Angel investors and their ability to build businesses which will drive future growth.” said AAAI CEO Ruth Drinkwater. “This year our theme is focused around Angel Capital as a model for sustainable investment in high risk early stage ventures.”

Jordan Green, AAAI Deputy Chairman, Conference Committee Chairman and Founder of Melbourne Angels said “Each year AAAI highlights the activities of key regions for Angel Investment. We are delighted that this year we have the opportunity to showcase Angel investment activity in Melbourne and around the State. We thank the Victorian Government for its support of this conference.”

The AAAI National Angels Conference is the only national event for Angel Investors and it provides a unique opportunity for anyone interested in this activity to network and share experiences with other Angels from Australia and overseas. Register to attend at

Key note speaker at the AAAI 2011 Conference and pre-eminent Angel Investor Nelson Gray from LINC Scotland captured the essence of this network:  “Angels are at the forefront of finding new models to make investment sustainable in this high risk market and each year, through forums such as this, we move closer to determining how not to lose our money!”

Ruth Drinkwater says, “We look forward to welcoming returning and new delegates to exchange experiences and explore the exciting opportunities available through new models of investment. Our community is at the forefront of driving change that is going to support future entrepreneurs in this country. We need greater engagement from the broader investment community to fill a widening gap in the availability of early stage investment capital.”

“There is a growing trend for companies to leave our shores to seek capital investment in overseas markets. This means a loss of skilled jobs and economic activity to our economy. We need to support a healthy pipeline of high growth businesses in Australia and keep them here.”

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AAAI is the national forum for advancing the professional development of Angel Investors and furthering its members’ passion for investing in entrepreneurial success. AAAI is a social not-for-profit enterprise offering a range of networking, professional development, advocacy and research activities supporting members’ activities. Angel Investors are private individuals who invest their own personal assets (financial and intellectual) as Angel Capital into entrepreneurial high growth business opportunities. Angel Groups are the natural formation of like-minded individual Angel Investors who wish to leverage their combined intellectual and financial capital and shared deal flow. Angel Investors acting within Angel Groups are recognised as international best practice.

About Technology One

TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) is a leading enterprise software solutions provider. For more than 25 years it has been providing deeply integrated software solutions for business, government, financial services, health and community, education and the utilities sectors. Tens of thousands of people each day use its world class solutions which it develops, implements and supports, and includes, Financials, Human Resource & Payroll, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Budgeting, Performance Planning, Property & Rating, Customer Relationship Management, Student Management, Asset Management and Enterprise Content Management. The organisation wide solution suite, integration solutions and custom designed solutions provide world class services which are based on leading edge technology and are backed up by a substantial R&D program providing customers with a long term, secure and valuable partnership. TechnologyOne employs more than 750 people and has offices in each State and Territory of Australia, as well as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and the United Kingdom.

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Ruth Drinkwater
CEO, Australian Association of Angel Investors Ltd
E: [email protected]
P: 0409 759 322
Ruth Drinkwater CEO, Australian Association of Angel Investors Ltd
P: 0409 759 322


How Angel investment provides foundation for growth of large technology companies:



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