Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Successful career and business women are being invited to support fellow female entrepreneurs by getting involved in the Australian Women’s Mentoring Network.

Founded by Catherine Seton in May 2004, provides women from any professional, personal or ethnic background online access to a mentor of their choice, offering free support concerning career and life balance issues.

“The AWMN fills a gap in women’s personal and professional development,” says Catherine. “And because our mentor list is online, it is perfect for women who live in rural areas, run home based businesses or don’t have access to a corporate mentoring program.”

Constantly amazed by the quality and generosity of the mentors who join the AWMN, Catherine says many of their mentors have travelled and worked all over the world, and even been part of world events like 9/11.

“These women have a lot to share when it comes to helping others reach their goals.”

To encourage participants in the network, a one-day workshop “Mentoring for Success,” is taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, enabling participants to network and engage in active mentoring.

“This lively and interactive event will help women think through issues they have within their own careers, lives and business while seeking guidance in working through problems.”

In addition to the training, participants will also benefit from networking opportunities and can explore their own skills, self-motivation and confidence with the help of other professionals.

“Recent research has demonstrated that a combination of powerful mentoring and networking is a robust predictor of both career success and satisfaction, above and beyond either of these activities on their own,” says Catherine.

“Participants will be guided through three different styles of mentoring, and will network as they go. The importance of taking advantage of a mentor’s networks as well as their wealth of knowledge is crucial for every mentee.”

Mentors and mentees are available for interviews. For more information or interviews with Catherine Seton, please contact her directly on 0411 289 257 or [email protected]

Workshop dates
   Melbourne 25th August
   Sydney 26th August
   Brisbane 27th August
Case studies

Cathy Denehy
Mindset Dynamics
[email protected]

I came across the AWMN early this year and instantly became a member as both a Mentor and a mentee, as a coach and a trainer I understand the necessity for mentoring and coaching to get you from where you are to where you want to be. I found an inspiring woman to be my mentor and have received invaluable advice and information and I am looking forward to implementing all the ideas from my recent meeting with my Mentor into my business. It’s an essential part of growing your business.
Michelle Smith
Hewlett Packard
[email protected]

I’ve been a mentor since 2005 and have had 7 mentees during that time. The personal reward that I receive from this process is inspiration and motivation in my own career and life. I get such a buzz from hearing my mentees get excited about the opportunities that are opening up for them. It really makes my day when I hang up the phone after speaking with them and it makes me feel like I want to do and achieve more. Mentoring is also helping me with my own career development. As an individual contributor within the company I work for, I currently do not have direct reports. However the mentoring is providing me with some of the experience I will need to take that next step as a manager.

Marsha Gittens
Marketing Co-ordinator
[email protected]

As part of a resolution last year, I decided to find a mentor to help move my career in a more positive direction. Four months ago, I found my mentor, Michelle, through the Australian Women’s Mentoring Network. Since then the experience has been extremely valuable. Getting some perspective from someone who has been there before is a great way to make sure you’ve got the right footing on this journey. I have learned some great techniques to use to identify things I want and don’t want in my career, as well as some insight into breaking my goals down into manageable steps. Having Michelle as a mentor has been extremely rewarding, and I hope someday to do the same for another mentee.

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Australian Women's Mentoring Network

The Australian Women's Mentoring Network provides women from any professional, personal or cultural background free online access to a mentor of their choice who can offer mentoring and support concerning career and life balance issues.  The AWMN also conducts mentoring workshops, networking events and provides online resources for making mentoring partnerships work.
Catherine Seton
P: 0411 289 257


The Australian Women’s Mentoring Network will hold one-day workshops, “Mentoring for Success", in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane later this month. Case studies follow.


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