Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Today, peak Australian electrical industry body, the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), renewed its calls to the Australian Government not to remove the powers of the building industry regulator.

NECA understands that the Australian Government will soon introduce a Bill into Parliament that will see the building industry regulator, the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC), abolished and the powers of the ABCC scaled back in a new agency. The Prime Minister told caucus in mid-October about plans to introduce legislation to replace the ABCC.

NECA’s Chief executive officer, Mr James Tinslay, said the ABCC is achieving good results and its powers are needed in the building and construction industry to stamp out unlawful behaviour.

“THE ABCC has been effective in cleaning up the building industry and it is a step in the wrong direction if the Government continues with plans to rip it apart,” Mr Tinslay said.

“With the sharpening increase of union activity in recent weeks, it is clear that the building industry will not be immune and the regulator still has plenty of work to do. It is worrying for electrical contractors and others in the building industry not to have an independent regulator.

“Lawlessness is still exhibited in the industry today but the ABCC has been effective in removing the worst instances. Removing the ABCC or emasculating its powers will see increased inappropriate behaviour and this will lead to the costs of projects blowing out and delays in construction.”

The Australian Government has not consulted with industry about the decision to abolish the ABCC or reduce its powers. NECA again calls on the Government and joins other peak industry bodies such as Master Builders Australia in their efforts to retain the ABCC and its powers.

“The destruction of the ABCC will impact the building and construction industry. It is reasonable to expect that a significant decision like the removal of the watchdog should not be considered until the industry is consulted,” Mr Tinslay said.

“The ABCC was established following the 2003 Cole Royal Commission into problems in construction industry. The findings and recommendations from that inquiry still remain relevant today.”


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