Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
Have you ever considered that the health of our planet may be linked to the health or quality of our thoughts?

This week news media sources are running a story about the 7 billionth inhabitant born onto our planet. Both the Philippines and India are welcoming baby girls as their versions of the 7 billionth person on earth.

“That these two symbols of a major population milestone were girls is only a coincidence, but it is also a reminder that central to global progress in stabilizing population growth has been the empowerment of women and greater gender parity. Given greater opportunities and rights, women make decisions that slow population growth, and this impact is being seen worldwide”, says Babatunde Osotimehin, the executive director of the United Nations Population Fund.

I agree that there are solutions to the problem of the escalating population growth, and like health solutions, they lie within our thinking, rather than by simply focussing on the number of bodies we need to nourish. As Osotimehin has pointed out, the change in our view of women has led not only to their empowerment, but also to a slow in population growth.

There’s every reason to believe that as we increasingly strive for education and equity for women, children and men, dropping thoughts of greed, one-upmanship, inequality, exploitation and selfishness, then we’ll find the resources to feed our global family. We’ll also care for our planet wisely and innovatively.

I invariably find that when a seemingly insurmountable personal problem arises I need to turn my thoughts away from the problem to try to grasp a better understanding of what’s really governing the universe – the divine and perfect Mind who is giving each of us everything needed – not in the form of THINGS, but by way of good ideas.

And as I clarify my thought in this way – getting rid of fear and stubbornly holding to a personal view – I find that I have less fear of wild animals or fluctuations in climate; funds have been found to buy a home that meets my present needs; a great job has become available and I find that I’m the best person for it due to my unique life experiences; health has been restored; and, relationships mended. And at the same time …. I’ve also managed to get a better view of myself as a woman ….. and possibly, a better view of men too.

As we have learned to accept the evidence of a mind/body connection in health care, and are now learning more about the effect of spirituality on health, the new frontier in medicine, now is possibly a good time to consider how that new frontier can improve health outcomes not only for our bodies, but also for the care of our population and safekeeping of our planet.

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