Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
A group of nine women in the remote Indigenous community of Aurukun recently completed an innovative training program in Hairdressing, gaining skills that will help them to find meaningful employment whilst improving the services available within their community.

Last week, a group of local Indigenous women completed the final stages of a six week Certificate II Hairdressing course offered by Jobfind Centres Australia and funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR).

The course, which began in September, generated a great deal of excitement throughout the community as the women worked towards acquiring the skills and experience necessary to become qualified hairdressers – creating opportunities to work both within the community and elsewhere in the industry.

With a 100% attendance rate, much of the course’s success can be attributed to the cultural awareness of its trainer and the innovative way in which it was delivered. Typically the 100 hour course, which involves a mixture of theory and practical instruction, covers the classroom component before students are given any hands-on experience. However with the aim of keeping this particular group of participants engaged and on track to complete the course, it was necessary to consider a number of educational and cultural differences in order to effectively deliver the training.

“I’ve found that Indigenous people respond particularly well to covering the practical work up front”, said Gloria Standen, the course’s trainer. “They are hands-on people and, although their literacy levels may be low, once they complete the practical part of the course the books just make sense because they have already performed the tasks in a practical way.”

“This training program has been an outstanding success for the community of Aurukun and for the women involved, who I’m told really enjoyed the course”, says Stewart Williams, General Manager of Jobfind Centres Queensland. “We are pleased to announce that nine out of the thirteen participants who commenced the course are now eligible to progress onto Certificate III training in early 2012. Congratulations to all involved!”

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