Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Adelaide headquartered developer CodeFire has launched an innovative rapid application development program, "AppLaunch", aimed at helping both entrepreneurs and established businesses get new web based applications online and to market quickly.

CodeFire Chief Executive Daniel Draper, who recently pitched at the ANZATech conference in Silicon Valley, says that an Agile or “Lean” approach is required to build new applications.

"Companies need to embrace change and constantly test ideas on their users," Draper says.

"Companies and entrepreneurs wanting to get their new web application idea off the ground can work with us to get an application launched within months or even weeks."

A "Release-early, Release-often" approach to development is critical to success, according to Draper.

"You are better off launching something to the market and getting early feedback than to work in isolation unsure of what the market will do at launch.

"Build half a product, not a half assed product!"


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A specialist software development company that builds scalable, high performance web applications, CodeFire has worked with startups, SMEs and enterprises to develop a range of web based applications for the tech, finance, health and education sectors.

Codefire have offices in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Launceston but also works remotely with teams in most parts of the world.
Daniel Draper
P: 08 7127 6740
M: 0403 089 661


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