Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Jon Ball knows how to stay fit and keep that way. The problem is - and it’s the reason he decided to sit down and write a book about it - most people don’t.

They think they do, they try for a while and subscribe to a variety of fitness regimes, good health gimmicks and diets, but ultimately they return to their old ways.

Jon knows there’s a simple way to achieve and maintain health and fitness. That simplicity is reflected in the title of his new book – 12welve.

There are no frills, just facts learned from two decades of personal training and teaching fitness to individuals, groups and sporting teams alike.

“I wrote 12welve because I wanted to blow away the myths about fitness and health – and there are plenty of them,” Jon says. “I’m talking about the myths about the benefits of sit ups and higher protein diets, that they’re the answer to all your fitness needs.

“I wanted to help the wider population get healthy. This book is about re-educating people and to give them the correct information often misrepresented by the food companies. Some exercise and nutrition information has been proven to not work but people continue blissfully unaware.”

All genuine concerns but what can a book called 12welve do to fix the problem? And why 12?

“It’s because 12 weeks is the optimum time frame where you can see a dramatic transformation in the body if you know what you’re doing” he says. “At any fitness level and at any age, there will be a significant improvement in health and fitness if you simply adhere to the principles I’ve put down in this book.”

Jon Ball has seen people of all shapes and sizes come through his Changes gym in Modbury in Adelaide’s north-east so he should know – particularly since he has spent 10 years as a personal trainer and 10 before that putting elite sporting teams through their paces. That knowledge has been into 248 pages.

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